Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chris Brown's verbal altercation with a L.A. Crip

Looks as Chris Brown is no longer the aggressor, but rather the victim in an aggressive word play battle with apparently some one who really does not care two measly phuck's about CB. Apparently this heckler got real close to Chris car and then proceeded to yell out is that "Motha F..ka bullet proof!" The incident took place outside of a L.A. nightclub called "Playhouse" 
Apparently Chris was seen making a quick exit in his Lamborghini when the heckler ran up to Chris car stating "I ain't never seen a nigga jump in a car that damn fast!" 
The aggressor continued to pursue the argument with Chris by asking him was his car bulletproof and Chris response in my opinion was fair " Nigga are you bulletproof?"
The man shot back " Nigga I'm a crip, hell yea I'm bulletproof!" 
Oh wow, drama one on one...Chris be careful, there are hater's in every aspect of life that are either jealous of who you are and what you have accomplished or just out right dumb as hell..
Keep doin you, and stay clear of the hater's!

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