Friday, February 22, 2013

Amber Rose Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy!

February 22nd, marks the day that Sebastian "The Bash Taylor" breathed his first breath of life. With Wiz tweeting yesterday on Twitter, "It's Daddy time,".. Obviously prepared to help deliver he and Amber's first child together.

.One photo caption taken by Amber Say's "Best dad ever" as Wiz takes, the baby and control of the situation as to allow Amber to get some much needed rest after such a beautiful occasion.

  Wiz, 25 and Amber 29, became engaged March of 2012, and by the looks of things, This just may be the couple, who will literally "stand the rain together!!" I am so happy for the both of you, Congratulation's and may good luck, love, and fortune continue to bless your life!

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