Friday, February 22, 2013

A Deadly Shooting Involving A Oakland Rapper on the Las Vegas Strip!

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 Close your eyes and imagine gunshots blaring, Cab's catching on fire, and car's crashing into one another, and people losing their lives. No, I'm not referring to a Van Diesel action flick, I'm referring to the mayhem that took place right here in our very own back yard here in Las Vegas yesterday morning.
A man gunned down to death, while driving his Maserati yesterday on the Las Vegas Strip!

Ken Cherry, a resident of Oakland who went by the stage name Kenny Clutch was shot by a UN-known driver of a Black Range Rover some time around 4:20am. After being shoot, Cherry accelerated the gas pedal, smashing down Las Vegas Blvd, running a red light, and hitting a cab at the intersection of Flamingo Road, it's clear that at the time of Cherry crashing into the cab he had ultimately lost conscious and control of the wheel.

The cab then burst into orange and red flames as the fire took control of the cab.The cab driver and passenger were both killed, six other's were injured.
As of 5pm yesterday afternoon a all out man hunt was in to capture the man in the Range Rover all in all three lives were lost in this deadly gunplay and six other's injured, apparently the Hunt has extended from California to Arizona for the UN-known driver of this Black Range Rover..
Wow! now that's some news going on in our very own back yard..

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