Thursday, February 28, 2013

Laced Ta The Knee's!!

Let me put some knowledge into this game, let it seep into ya ear and marinate on ya brain, I'm a lyrical assaian, raw with that word play, I got that fiya  for ya ass on a cold winta day! I'm a writer, a blogger, a Dj at best,, putting soft,ass  poodles to the ultimate test!
 I pop's off at the mouth, this shit is real and untamed, let me throw it out there in case you missed the name..Dj Keno aka Keshia Wells I shows no shame , I rings them bells.. lock ya doors, make sure them belts is fastened tight.. First time you hear me you wont be askin, is yo flow hard..right? My rhymes ah be runnin' through ya head all night, have you feelin' like you done hit that pipe!! I'm a Pharmaceutical Rep, got them narcotics fa ya ass, school is in session, get ready fa class!! Don't come with that fake shit, with me it won't pass!
Pretty on the outside, hard on the in...Bish I don't roll with a entourage, what's the meaning of friends? I got ma back, tell me who got yours...bish, what you sayin? Dj Keno got bars!!
Raised by a pack of wolves, did time with the best, I walks through any hood, and holds out my chest!!
Bow down to a bish, i could neva do that, have you second guessin yo game tryin to run with my pack!
Pimp's be tryin ta gas me, I be like nicca please, You can't teach me nothin, I'm already laced to the knee's!!

Florida Gangster Disciples [GD's] Want Rick Ross Head Handed To Them On A Platta If They Don't Get Their Guap Soon!!

GD, has released a video on YouTube, and they want they got damn money!! Making it quite clear that Meek mill and no one else has anything to do with this beef. Gangsta Disciple's "Florida" wants Ross to cut a check and A.S.A.P! It appears that Ross doesn't even got street love any more..ooh wee..looks like Ross done wrote or should I say wont write a check his ass can cash! You got some real live problems Rick, and from what Gd states, they funk is with one else!! My advice for you, would be to watch your back and from the sounds of things your front too!! Because Gangsta Disciples from everywhere are comin' fa you...And yes, the "GD's" out in Atlanta too!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Short fa Cocaine!!

I am your worst nightmare in all your dream's,.. baby, I am all you need..I am your air, your water, your food, your drink!!..I am every got dam thought you think! I will steal your mind and murder your soul and after that.. I'll make you dig your own hole. Happiness, doesn't live within me, hatred, envy, jealousy,depression dwells with in!
I need all of your time, you can not give that away, If your lookin' fa ah way out... there will be hell to pay. You bet not leave me, or I'll hunt you down like the wolf that I am, devour your soul and spit it out for the lambs!

Bring ya friend's I'll put them on too! I'll be good to them, just as I have been to you, never will I forsake you or leave you alone, I'll be there waiting when you return home. One thing about me that  makes me kind of funny, Imma high matience bitch you got's ta have money!
So if it happiness your in search of and you want to feel secure and free, Imma give you my hook up, and you can call on me.
Oh, I'm sorry how rude. I don't think I threw you ma name....They call me "C" short fa cocaine.
By, Keshia Wells aka Dj Keno

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is all the talk of Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy, giving you the baby blues?!!

Kim and this pregnancy seems to be all the media can talk about these days. Now let me be quite clear when I say this, I have no ill feelings towards the woman, but quite frankly..I'm tired of hearing her name, and what the public can or can not expect from her recent pregnancy...Would you like us all to stand up and give her a standing ovation for finally being able to get pregnant by someone after her many failed relationships with name's such as, R.Jay, "Reggie Bush, "the dude that was Brit"as well as Chris Humphries, Tell me is it that now Kayne has her as his most recent prized possession, are we, the public, suppose to be gaga eyed over her baby bump?! Come on, seriously?

 at this point who cares if West is or isn't the father of this UN-born child?! If Kim isn't or is a hoe, I mean when we read stories such as Kim was Smashing Kayne while her and Reggie were still an item, Is the public still shocked at knowing that Kim may have just a tad bit of "whoredashian" running through her veins..I say, if Kayne wants to turn a hoe into a house wife.

Well then let him! He may be just what the doctor ordered to keep Kim walking a thin housewife line, and one never knows he may have her on such a short leash, that it  chokes her if the thought of spreading eagle for another man enters her brain... But then again...Kayne did admit to sources that watching her and Ray,J do the do, actually turned him on...So really it's any ones guess what this Duo may be up to in the near for the present time, Can we, the media try and put our focus elsewhere? The world has grown tired of her,and her "Many men, this including her pregnancy,"

"Whoa?!, is Kim packing on the Pound's in this pregnancy or what!?If so, do you think she'll be able to bounce back? Well I guess, money can buy a girl's figure back as long as the price is right..

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Deadly Shooting Involving A Oakland Rapper on the Las Vegas Strip!

                        In Other News Around Town

 Close your eyes and imagine gunshots blaring, Cab's catching on fire, and car's crashing into one another, and people losing their lives. No, I'm not referring to a Van Diesel action flick, I'm referring to the mayhem that took place right here in our very own back yard here in Las Vegas yesterday morning.
A man gunned down to death, while driving his Maserati yesterday on the Las Vegas Strip!

Ken Cherry, a resident of Oakland who went by the stage name Kenny Clutch was shot by a UN-known driver of a Black Range Rover some time around 4:20am. After being shoot, Cherry accelerated the gas pedal, smashing down Las Vegas Blvd, running a red light, and hitting a cab at the intersection of Flamingo Road, it's clear that at the time of Cherry crashing into the cab he had ultimately lost conscious and control of the wheel.

The cab then burst into orange and red flames as the fire took control of the cab.The cab driver and passenger were both killed, six other's were injured.
As of 5pm yesterday afternoon a all out man hunt was in to capture the man in the Range Rover all in all three lives were lost in this deadly gunplay and six other's injured, apparently the Hunt has extended from California to Arizona for the UN-known driver of this Black Range Rover..
Wow! now that's some news going on in our very own back yard..

What?! Say It Isn't So!! Who was the intruder Lurking around Rhianna's home? And Who E-mailed him detail by detail instructions on how to break in?!!

Allegedly, a man was picked up and arrested outside of Rhianna's Southern California home, where it is UN-clear if the UN named man had been trying to burglarize the home or not. Neighbor's noticed a strange man lurking around her home and peering into window's.
 Apparently the man claims he was e-mailed a step by step memo on just how to get inside of her home, and it appears to be the information he was given, was dead on!
Needless to say the good Samaritan neighbors, leaped into action, just as a super hero would and held the intruder until Authorities arrived.."Always a captain save a mofo on stand-by right?" I guess this time it's okay, because had it not been for the noisy neighbors, this guy just may have gotten away with the goods!
Fortunate enough, Rhianna was not home at the time and no property was missing. I for one would sure in the hell like to know who this man is, where he came from, what his intent was once entering her home and last but not lease...Who the hell sent him this infamous E-mail???
It will be interesting to see what we learn in the future, if, we learn anything at all. This is Wellsink, bringing you All your Celebrity news in about 60 seconds or less.

Amber Rose Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy!

February 22nd, marks the day that Sebastian "The Bash Taylor" breathed his first breath of life. With Wiz tweeting yesterday on Twitter, "It's Daddy time,".. Obviously prepared to help deliver he and Amber's first child together.

.One photo caption taken by Amber Say's "Best dad ever" as Wiz takes, the baby and control of the situation as to allow Amber to get some much needed rest after such a beautiful occasion.

  Wiz, 25 and Amber 29, became engaged March of 2012, and by the looks of things, This just may be the couple, who will literally "stand the rain together!!" I am so happy for the both of you, Congratulation's and may good luck, love, and fortune continue to bless your life!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tune in right now and make sure your hittin those lines up for all your love dedications,s/o, and request 702 751-0617
Tune in right now and make sure your hittin those lines up for all your love dedications, s/o, and request

Jim Jones, Behind Bars?

Jim Jones was arrested early this morning in New Jersey, after cops claim "he got out of line with a police officer who was trying to deal with a parking situation" Umph...ain't that ah bitch!
According to the police, Jones confronted an officer who was responding to a complaint of a car being illegally parked car in front of Jones home...
You know how the rest plays out don't you? Cops ran Jones name and found out he had two warrants for his arrest..but wait a minute guess for what...Failure to remove snow from his side walk and a motor vehicle violation...Apparently in NJ they call that a
According to sources, Jones denied any knowledge of the warrants and became irate, so the coppers put him in cuffs and behind bars for disorderly conduct as well as Obstruction! Come on, are you serious? So you mean to tell me in NJ there are no major crimes going on that need the police immediate attention? I have three word's for the NJ PD department...Get a life!!

Chris Brown's verbal altercation with a L.A. Crip

Looks as Chris Brown is no longer the aggressor, but rather the victim in an aggressive word play battle with apparently some one who really does not care two measly phuck's about CB. Apparently this heckler got real close to Chris car and then proceeded to yell out is that "Motha F..ka bullet proof!" The incident took place outside of a L.A. nightclub called "Playhouse" 
Apparently Chris was seen making a quick exit in his Lamborghini when the heckler ran up to Chris car stating "I ain't never seen a nigga jump in a car that damn fast!" 
The aggressor continued to pursue the argument with Chris by asking him was his car bulletproof and Chris response in my opinion was fair " Nigga are you bulletproof?"
The man shot back " Nigga I'm a crip, hell yea I'm bulletproof!" 
Oh wow, drama one on one...Chris be careful, there are hater's in every aspect of life that are either jealous of who you are and what you have accomplished or just out right dumb as hell..
Keep doin you, and stay clear of the hater's!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Touch every aspect!

I'm running out of time, man like fast, I have to touch these star's, and catch up to my past.. Starchy and Hutch said it many years ago "Mrs Wells, Keshia should be in commercials" My mom shook the stars off and never looked backed, she later explain, she didn't want to throw my life off track. I wondered for many years how would life had been, if I was shown and tasted the good life back then, Maybe in a way, she'd still be alive, never would have got caught up in society's lie. Or was it, she knew something that at the time I couldn't comprehend, and in her mind..she played her best hand.. I'm not done here, no not by far I guarantee you with every once of my heart, that before its said and done with...I'm gonna make it far! This heart condition will not slow me down, it will not keep me, bound, gaged and tied down!! I've worked too hard and for too long for this to be the last dance and song!!
You watch what I say and watch me fly high, watch me touch every aspect up in this sky!

She Shed Tears!!

She buckles over as she clutches her heart.. she mutters"oh lord, please make the pain stop" She knew in her  mind that the cigarette smoke that filled her lungs, is the critical point she started from, but she couldn't seem to fight the habit she's held for years, she takes another drag as her eyes shed tears, she thought and wondered about the way her mother passed...without warning, man like fast, with 20% percent of a heart, how much time did she have?
She knew in her mind that the ball was in her court, it was up to her to maintain her beating heart..She cried from the news, then out of fear she laughed, how much time would the Most High allow her to smell the green grass.
She thought of a son she held dear to her heart, "I can't leave now, not with us apart" She cried for the son that was lost in his own way, she needed to make sure his heart didn't go astray, She shed more tears as she thought of the daughters she brung unto this earth, "who will teach them a woman's worth?
As her heart skipped a beat and tightened to no end, she really realized she was alone. No family, no friends, She looks to her hero, the only man who ever cared, the man that was there to rub her hair, to gently kiss her softly at night, whispering in her ear, you have too much fight! "Come on baby i need you to fight"
She layed across her bed and began to pray.. she came alone..she'll leave alone, she exhales closes her eyes and hopes to wake to see just one more day..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Importance Of Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle When Suffering from Congestive Heart Failure.

Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart does not pump oxygen adequately to the body. Congestive heart failure is generally a progressive disease and can be a disease that weakens the heart muscle. Many different types of diseases can impair the pumping of the heart. There are many drugs out on the market that help control and manage congestive heart failure along with a change in lifestyle.
Living with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) is a very debelilatating disease, more often then not a person suffering from this disease, is simply not living life at all! For me, having this disease has slowed me down in more ways then one.. I find it difficult to breath at night with minimal energy to do anything productive throughut the day, Were you aware that one in six African American women suffer from Congestive Heart Failure.

Some of the signs and symptoms of CHF may include,

Fatigue:Heart failure usually begins on the left side, in the left ventricle, which is the heart's main chamber. An early symptom of congestive heart failure is fatigue. The ability to exercise may slowly diminish, and the feeling of being tired from doing everyday activities increases,


Fluid:Having excess fluid in the body is another symptom of congestive heart failure. Excess fluid in the lungs causes shortness of breath, especially when lying down. Excess fluid in the body can cause nausea, decreased appetite and increased urination, especially at bedtime. The kidneys will be affected, and they will not have the ability to dispose of the sodium and water. Excess fluid can show up in the swelling of the ankles, legs and stomach area and other body areas. Sudden weight gain will occur when fluid is building up in the body.


Shortness of Breath:Shortness of breath can occur when exerting oneself while exercising. A persistent cough or wheezing can occur. When lying down, shortness of breath can happen because of the increase of blood returned to the heart. Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea is waking up in the middle of the night with shortness of breath. Some individuals cannot sleep unless they are sitting up.


Causes:Some of the causes of congestive heart failure are high blood pressure or hypertension, alcohol abuse, disorders of the heart values, diabetes and being overweight. A past heart attack can interfere with the normal working of the heart.


Prevention/Solution:Congestive heart failure can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes. One lifestyle change would be controlling one's blood pressure. High blood pressure over time can leave your heart too weak to pump blood efficiently. Proper diet and weight control needs to be managed along with exercising, reducing salt intake and managing stress.

Now there you have it in a nut shell, no one has ever woke up and said today I think I want to go into heart failure, Take care of yourself upon finding out that your are suffering from such a condition, Monday I will be having a Angiogram performed to see if I will be having a stint placed in Lew of, or will i be going through open hear surgery, pray for me..I have been at Centennial Hills since Friday and still counting..

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