Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nas, The Greatest lyricist? That's What CNN Say's


 Nas, is the greatest lyricist of all time. At least that's what CNN thinks. With "Life is Good," Nas dropped his ninth Number #1 album since 1994. Seven of those have gone platinum, which places him second among rappers only to Jay-Z with 11. (We're not counting compilations or collaborations here, only original solo efforts, and yes, Tupac Shakur had nine, but five were posthumous releases.)Nas did in fact change the name of his seventh album From "Nigga" because he caught alot of heat from African American Leaders, But in a recent CNN interview, Nasir Jones explained he didn't change the album's name to please the Rev. Al Sharpton and other black leaders. Rather, they were stealing his thunder.

"I don't think I liked the attention I was getting from some of the elders in my community," he said. "I saw it kind of leaning toward being about them ... only about them. I kind of wanted to just shake that off of me."  
Nas has flow make no doubt about it, but in my opinion he is hardly the greatest of our Hip~Hop time, there were other's before and after him that put the heat in fiya! Nas, does the damn thang, don't get me wrong, but he is not the greatest CNN, I think you may want to do a little more homework on the Hip~Hop game and it's legendary artist.

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