Sunday, January 27, 2013

My eye's bleed tears!!

I'm at a stand still..these visions dance in my head..visions of mass destruction keep playing out instaed. I wake up in cold sweats, sweat beads run from my head,visions of a mass of people all hurt, most dead. I'm afraid to walk the halls of my home at night..In fear that I may not be alone,the feeling that someone is walking with me in my home..
I can hear death, it's knocking on our door, feels as if we are no longer safe anymore..mother eats baby face, thats what the news read, crazy bish, went and said that the father loved the child more then he loved her, His love for his child was the reason this child suffered this pain..This world is going to hell quick!! And it's taking all names! The way of the world has gone insane.. People selling their souls for fortune and fame. More and more families living on the streets, more and more kids with no food to eat.. Son's against mothers, it causes so much pain..The book of Revelation spoke of this game! Children being murdered, beaten and raped, The Most High said it best Our world is at stake.
Drugs consuming every aspect of life..People givin up..without even a fight, something is wrong... can we get it right? Can we turn this darkness we have created into light? Is it even worth the gotdamn fight? My heart is heavy, My eyes bleed tears, So much confusion, no happiness for years!
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