Friday, January 11, 2013

Beyonce's Photo Shoot With GQ, Photo Shopped or Not? And Does Anyone Really Care?

Beyonce fires back against allegations of her recent photo shoot with GQ being photo shopped with new sexy photo's.
In a recent interview with Too Fab, Beyonce stated that she has worked hard from the time she was a young girl, so that by the time she was 30 she would be in a position to do whatever she wants. She states that she has completed that. Beyonce flaunts her curvaceous body in the February issue of GQ -- wearing a number of mid-drifts and thongs in a new spread with photographer Terry Richardson. 
Beyonce went on to say "
"I now know that, yes, I am powerful," she adds. "I’m more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand." 

That statement had me thinking, this has not been the first time that "B" has stated that she has powers beyond her control or beyond her wildest imagination, "B" when you say that you have powers, are you able to fly like Wonder Woman too? Ijs.. 

Well I guess with all the powers she has running through her soul, I'd imagine she'd be able to blink herself into the most perfect physique, wouldn't you think? So what's all the hype about her body being photo shopped in QQ? Listen, leave the girl alone, why is it so hard to believe that after having a baby a woman can snap back into A-1 figure? It's possible I'm living proof.

Not all women tend to blow up like inflatable bears after having a child, and those women who do tend to Blow up, usually does so by letting pregnancy be the reason  to eat all of isle D in her local grocery store, seriously, it's all about healthy eating when expecting and realizing that, hey, you wont be pregnant forever and then what will you blame being obese on?

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