Thursday, January 24, 2013

3 Men,One Kim Kardashian,and a Un-born Child..Just Who Is The Father?

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant by Kayne or is she this industry whore everyone is making her out to be?..well lets re-discover the facts, Kim made a porno with R Jay and it appears that after that video went viral so did Kim's vagina, throwing it to Ray J and somewhere along those lines Reggie Bush intercepted and passed her on to Chris Humphries,not exactly in that order but you catch my drift.

If this is not Kayne's child then who is the father? and does West know that his sperm docket's took a left somewhere along the way down to Kim's uterus.. My gosh Kim, have enough respect for yourself to at least..Know who the father of your UN born child is..What a Shame..

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