Monday, January 28, 2013

Will Rick Ross Be The Next Entertainer Found Dead?

Looks as if Rick Ross has been the target of a drive by shooting in FT. Lauderdale, 

sources are stating that he ran his Rolls Royce, into a apartment building early this morning in a attempt to get away from the gun firer. Security cameras at a building across the street from the crash were rolling during the incident ... and authorities are hoping that the cameras will reveal the vehicle or the shooter. Sources close to TMZ report.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My eye's bleed tears!!

I'm at a stand still..these visions dance in my head..visions of mass destruction keep playing out instaed. I wake up in cold sweats, sweat beads run from my head,visions of a mass of people all hurt, most dead. I'm afraid to walk the halls of my home at night..In fear that I may not be alone,the feeling that someone is walking with me in my home..
I can hear death, it's knocking on our door, feels as if we are no longer safe anymore..mother eats baby face, thats what the news read, crazy bish, went and said that the father loved the child more then he loved her, His love for his child was the reason this child suffered this pain..This world is going to hell quick!! And it's taking all names! The way of the world has gone insane.. People selling their souls for fortune and fame. More and more families living on the streets, more and more kids with no food to eat.. Son's against mothers, it causes so much pain..The book of Revelation spoke of this game! Children being murdered, beaten and raped, The Most High said it best Our world is at stake.
Drugs consuming every aspect of life..People givin up..without even a fight, something is wrong... can we get it right? Can we turn this darkness we have created into light? Is it even worth the gotdamn fight? My heart is heavy, My eyes bleed tears, So much confusion, no happiness for years!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tina Turner Waves Goodbye To America and Hello to Switzerland!!

Looks as Tina Turner is now Denouncing her U.S. citizenship to become a legal citizen of Switzerland, Wow, and the crazy thing,there's a photo of Tina appearing to be waving goodbye to America... I wonder just how many more Artist and Entertainers will be up and denouncing their American citizenship..Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Tina and Ike..Early years

Thursday, January 24, 2013

3 Men,One Kim Kardashian,and a Un-born Child..Just Who Is The Father?

Is Kim Kardashian pregnant by Kayne or is she this industry whore everyone is making her out to be?..well lets re-discover the facts, Kim made a porno with R Jay and it appears that after that video went viral so did Kim's vagina, throwing it to Ray J and somewhere along those lines Reggie Bush intercepted and passed her on to Chris Humphries,not exactly in that order but you catch my drift.

If this is not Kayne's child then who is the father? and does West know that his sperm docket's took a left somewhere along the way down to Kim's uterus.. My gosh Kim, have enough respect for yourself to at least..Know who the father of your UN born child is..What a Shame..

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman, Begging Prince Harry to Return To Las Vegas!!

Apparently the Mayor of Vegas is begging that Prince Harry Return to Las Vegas, this coming after the nude photo's Prince Harry had taken of him on his last trip to Vegas.Prince Harry has been over in Afghanistan On a 5 month Military run. 

Since returning, he is now ready to address, the "Naked photo~shoot" and has stated that "he let him self down more then anything else," by taking the nude photo's during his stay in Las Vegas back in 2012. However, TMZ, got a chance to speak with Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman, who has stated "The city is ready to roll out the Red Carpet for Prince Harry, and are ever so grateful that he is home from Afghanistan.. three

Friday, January 18, 2013

Robert Chew "Prostitute Joe" from HBO'S The Wire Found Dead!!

Wow, excuse my french however it certainly feels as if human being's are dropping off the face of this earth like flies, apparently  Proposition Joe on "The Wire" - has passed away. He was found dead yesterday in his apartment in Baltimore ... TMZ has learned. 
Robert Chew, died of cardiovascular disease.
 Our prayer's go out to all his love one's and family.


$75 Million Dollars Can Get T.I. Singed To Your Label! What?!

T.I. has just been named the number-one free agent in rap -- and for $75 million you can sign T.I. to your label. Never mind the price that he is asking, T.I. already has bidders looking to sign T.I.
Oh, but wait a minute..does this mean he has given up his spot as FBI Informer? Or will T.I. continue tp promote B.S. in his lyrics? Hey I'm just sayin'.. don't shoot the messenger!
Yes T.I. you are under the publics radar..we got our eye's on you..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wellsink "Raw and Un-Cut" Presents DiegoDiego 01/11 by Wellsink Raw and UnCut | Blog Talk Radio

Wellsink "Raw and Un-Cut" Presents DiegoDiego 01/11 by Wellsink Raw and UnCut | Blog Talk Radio

Beyonce's Photo Shoot With GQ, Photo Shopped or Not? And Does Anyone Really Care?

Beyonce fires back against allegations of her recent photo shoot with GQ being photo shopped with new sexy photo's.
In a recent interview with Too Fab, Beyonce stated that she has worked hard from the time she was a young girl, so that by the time she was 30 she would be in a position to do whatever she wants. She states that she has completed that. Beyonce flaunts her curvaceous body in the February issue of GQ -- wearing a number of mid-drifts and thongs in a new spread with photographer Terry Richardson. 
Beyonce went on to say "
"I now know that, yes, I am powerful," she adds. "I’m more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand." 

That statement had me thinking, this has not been the first time that "B" has stated that she has powers beyond her control or beyond her wildest imagination, "B" when you say that you have powers, are you able to fly like Wonder Woman too? Ijs.. 

Well I guess with all the powers she has running through her soul, I'd imagine she'd be able to blink herself into the most perfect physique, wouldn't you think? So what's all the hype about her body being photo shopped in QQ? Listen, leave the girl alone, why is it so hard to believe that after having a baby a woman can snap back into A-1 figure? It's possible I'm living proof.

Not all women tend to blow up like inflatable bears after having a child, and those women who do tend to Blow up, usually does so by letting pregnancy be the reason  to eat all of isle D in her local grocery store, seriously, it's all about healthy eating when expecting and realizing that, hey, you wont be pregnant forever and then what will you blame being obese on?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Let me tickle your ears!!

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Keshia Wells
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nas, The Greatest lyricist? That's What CNN Say's


 Nas, is the greatest lyricist of all time. At least that's what CNN thinks. With "Life is Good," Nas dropped his ninth Number #1 album since 1994. Seven of those have gone platinum, which places him second among rappers only to Jay-Z with 11. (We're not counting compilations or collaborations here, only original solo efforts, and yes, Tupac Shakur had nine, but five were posthumous releases.)Nas did in fact change the name of his seventh album From "Nigga" because he caught alot of heat from African American Leaders, But in a recent CNN interview, Nasir Jones explained he didn't change the album's name to please the Rev. Al Sharpton and other black leaders. Rather, they were stealing his thunder.

"I don't think I liked the attention I was getting from some of the elders in my community," he said. "I saw it kind of leaning toward being about them ... only about them. I kind of wanted to just shake that off of me."  
Nas has flow make no doubt about it, but in my opinion he is hardly the greatest of our Hip~Hop time, there were other's before and after him that put the heat in fiya! Nas, does the damn thang, don't get me wrong, but he is not the greatest CNN, I think you may want to do a little more homework on the Hip~Hop game and it's legendary artist.

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