Sunday, December 29, 2013

" Exclusive!!" Well,It appears that Chrissy Lampkin, Fiancé of Rapper, Jim Jones, Put Them Boxing Gloves On..

Well it appears that Chrissy put them boxing gloves on early this moring, and beat the brakes off a bish, leavig her, all bloody and needing to get stiches over her right eye..
Sources allege that the altercation all started, because the victim took seat next to Chrissy, and bumped into her...
Damn, I'd hate to be in a line, in the back of Chrissy at a grocery store and the wheel of my cart accidentally, runs the heel of her ankle
All jokes aside,
Needless to say, Jim was right there to bail Chrissy out of that bloody bind..

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cream BMP Daily,Has Reported Gucci Mane Killed His Cell Mate For Allegedly Trying To Rape Him, Fact or Fiction!?

"Cream" has reported that Gucci Mane, killed his cell mate for allegedly trying to rape him. Recent reports from "Cream" reported that Gucci, stated that the cell mate tried licking ice cream off his face and even tried to fondle his male body parts while sleeping.
Gucci Mane was arrested on gun charges in Atlanta and now faces up to 20 years in prison on that charge alone.
Wellsink went into a mad investigation regarding "Creams" allegations and found that this story was in fact a bold face lie!  Made up by "Cream reporters" with all that Gucci has on his plate, he doesn't need some low life internet site spreading those kind of lies/rumors such as this one floating around. Anyone who's ever done time knows full and got damn well that there couldn't have been ice cream involved for one dinner is served early afternoon, by the time the alleged perpetrator did supposedly had committed this act, that ice would have been all cream just like the name of the fake ass site who leaked this B.S.
My suggestion to you "Cream" would first be to change the name of your site, that's like calling a man delicious or some ole lame shit along those lines. And my second word of advice to you is to research and investigate what ever it is your reporting, giving the public false information is a definite no,no in my book, Get The Facts, Ijs

Saturday, December 21, 2013

36 Mafia, Mourns The Lost of Lord Infamous rea

36 Mafia, Lord Infamous passed away on 12/20/2013, how infamous died has not yet been made clear, what we do know is infamous died at home and he was 40-year's-old at the time of death.
Wellsink, will keep you posted as more news follows.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Terrance Howard, Evicted From Broadway?!

Allegedly, Terrance Howard has been evicted from his Broadway Apartment in NYC, with a whooping, $51,907.85 in back pay owed to the landlord.
Damn Terrance, guess it really is "hard out here fa ah pimp" huh? 
That's alot of bread to owe a person.. Good luck with that, and wishing you the best.

Porsha Wiiliams, May Very Well Be Taken Out Of The Game Next Season.

Porsha Williams, may not be sitting on the bench this season, but could very well be out of the game come next season. This Real Housewives of Atlanta star may have ran her last course on Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Reportedly, Porsha will finish out this season and attend the reunion show, however, it is anyone's guess if she'll be returning for another season.
Allegedly, producers are not impressed with her at all, and will wait for the taping of the reunion before making any final decisions.
Word of advice Porsha, the way Cordell humiliated you on and off the show with allegations of homosexual relations and all else.. If it were me.. I'd tell the network as well as the producers to kiss my ass softly and never look back.. ijs

Kim Kardashian, Dummy? or Has The Media Hyped Up Another Story To Drag Her Name Through The Mud?

Kim, defends herself against allegations of having North's eyebrows waxed at 6 months.
Apparently Kim Kardashian, is appalled that the public would think that she has had her baby's eyebrows waxed at such an early age, even though this is a common practice amongst the stars to have their children's brows shaped to perfection. Kim stands firmly behind even thinking of doing such a thing to Nori, claiming, while joking of course, that she would at least wait until North was 2 and a half..
Good for you Kim, Guess she isn't as stupid as her public makes her out to be.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Is His Profession Driving A Wedge Between Your Relationship?

Is his profession driving a wedge between your relationship?
Alot of lonely, cold, sleepless nights, equals a relationship that's lacking chemistry.
Whether his profession is being a Truck Driver, Construction Worker, The Ceo of his own business or just simply.. a plain ole "Block Provider"  (Block Provider?) "what's undastood, needs no explanation"
A woman lacking that time due to him being on his grind, can ultimately point to disaster in the best of best relationship.
Why do you see women who are in those "damn" near perfect relationships cheat? 
Why on earth would a woman who has it all "ALL" cheat (and to cheat by my definition.. is to give any man ANY of your time when your in a relationship) is what alot of people would ask a woman who seems to have just about everything.
Here's one theory, her partner is away from home 28 days out of thirty..(This isn't good) no matter how good, down, faithful, educated, or what that woman's occupation may be..the key word in that sentence iiissss.. "Woman"
Women are so much different then men, in so many different ways.
A woman wants to feel sexy, appreciated and at times dominated, depending on what type of woman you have, which by the way, are only two kinds of... the Real who are the strong, I call them the survivors and then, you have what we like to call those fraudulent hoes who live in "iffville" meaning.. in lamens terms..  she's ah fake bish...
Getting back on track.
A woman wants.. damn near needs.. her man to tell her "just how sexy she is or how pretty she looks, because in all reality, she's doing it for you.
Women sit in those salons getting their hair, feet and nails done to empress you! Her bae.. Once that attention stops, a woman will tolerate being alone for as long as human nature will allow, but eventually.. she will give in and begin to scream "let me out!!"
that's like a man who's just been given life on top of death row telling his chic to stay down.. that bish only said she would because she didn't want to kick you while you were already down, but that bish gone be phuckin.
Men do the same thing lady's, they'll rush to the lot and purchase the most expensive, nicest, car on the lot " as if he needed to add any more to his collection of cars," but he purchases this whip to empress you and of course those dehydrated side liners waiting on the sideline justa geta Lil taste of his swag.. but stop suckin his dick, cooking his meals and spending that quality time with him and watch how quick he quit trying to impress yo azz, and start showin off to that stray bish you been trying to keep him away from.
Some times we can forget that it's the little things that captured your mates heart, the TIME you once shared, the chemistry you once had, because once that dies, you might as well purchase a shovel and bury that shid!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Former Dipset Member, Screalla, Tells Wellsink What Life Is Like Since Going Independent.

29-year-old, Former member of "Dipset" discusses with Wellsink, what life has been like since going independent.
This was not the first time Wellsink had the pleasure of speaking with this very ambitious gentlemen.
I spoke with Screalla as a guest on Wellsink "Raw and Uncut" Radio almost two weeks ago and he had the lines sewed up.. and from what I've heard, he has the talent to keep the crowds attention.
Since going independent Screalla has had his hands in a little bit of everything, from his clothing line "Drunk Life" to rebranding his company "Blue Smoke Entertainment", which for him means logo and all.
It was important for Wellsink, to understand his reasoning for changing the former logo, which appeared to be working very well and carried more of an urban look.
" The company is going in a new direction, I wanted to keep the urban look, but be more on the corperate friendly side ," Screalla, stated
Growing up on the rough streets of Chicago he found himself getting mixed in with the wrong things, it was then that he enlisted in the Military, serving seven year's.
Screalla now,had the financial means and paperwork he needed to send "Blue Smoke Entertainment" into full launch mode.
As the conversation proceed, I became curious to know why he left "Dipset"
"Well, really, Dipset had already been kinda breaking up, every one  was basically doing their own thing. Cam'ron and Juelz Santana were doing their thing and Jim Jones was doing his thang as a solo artist, with all that going on, we kinda just fell apart." said Screalla.
This humble soul couldn't rub me the wrong way if he wanted to.. Not only is he ambitious, but he is also a loving son and proud father of 10-year-old Layah and four-year-old Aaliyah.
I see nothing but greatness for this talented young man's future and it was an honor to have him back in the hot seat for this interview on Wellsink.
To hear any of Screalla's music, you can catch him on Sound Cloud and You-Tube, search Screalla. There are currently two singles out on ITunes,I suggest you listen to that slap "Good Night"
A special shout out to videographer EkS.It Media and Graphic Designer Ben
Keep your eyes peeled, Screalla will begin touring the West Coast, beginning the summer of 2014

Thursday, December 5, 2013

When To Let Go

Holding on to something that is no longer condusive, can not only be miserable, but could also be dangerous for the person being held.
Most of us have been in a relationship with someone that maybe at one point we liked or even loved and then there's that one person who you know you would have never entered into a relationship with had it not been due to certain circumstances.
If you are in this type of relationship, it only gets worse.

We as men and women should know when to let go.  You can not make anyone love or want to be with you. If a man or woman tells you that they are not looking for a relationship, then you need to adhere to that!
Ladies, if a man tells you he is not interested in having children, then respect that man's wishes.. You may not understand his reasons, and honestly you don't need to know or understand why, just respect his wishes!
Then maybe we would hear alot less of how men ain't shid and see less of dead beat dads.
And as for you men..
It's never cool to force a chic to carry and have a child just so you can hold on to her.
Even now, people do not realize that a baby does not bring you closer but can at times be the reason why that line has been drawn right down the middle of your relationship.
We must know our worth, and know when its time to let go.
Love yourself enough to know that you are worth every bit of happiness that this world has to offer

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Looks As if Gucci Mane, Could Be Facing 20 Years, Of Hard Time!

According to U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, back in September Gucci, pulled out a gun and threatened police officials.
Allegedly a so called friend of Gucci, flagged officers down, back in September, stating " they were concerned about the rappers state of mind" What a friend right?
Officials have stated that Mane was taken into custody, on possession of Mariijuna, disorderly conduct, as well as possession of a firearm, after becoming irrate with police officials.
According to CNN, Gucci was charged in a Federal Court Tuesday, on two counts of possession of a firearm.
Damn! Now that's a cold game, 20 year's is a long time to be on vacation.. Wishing you the best Gucci.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

" Let Me Out"

Let me out, banging on steel doors that only lock one way, sleeping on steel beds, flat mats, ten days until judgment day.
Screaming,shouting, let me out of this bitch, somethin' bout this two by four cell..brings out this twitch.. I don't know why, but it made me want to bang...ah bitch head from wall to wall, when them C'Os rush them fake cops fall!
Year one, Year two, then came Year three, nota letter, a pair of shoes or box from my Family!
Over the years anger turned into rage..I wasn't writing love songs.. I was on a diffrent page..
Living on the streets got me locked behind doors, sleeping in McDonalds bathrooms under newspapers,trying to keep warm.
No parents, no family to help me outta the storm!
Grown ass men looking lustful at me..11, 12, 13 years old playin with my pussy!
Yester~years still bring me pain.. Those child molesters still have no name.
My moms gone now... What a shame..I never got the chance to tell her bout what's his name..
Still no family..and I say fuck a friend.. My loyalty lies with my kids and for my man!!
This lyrical bitch, you'll Neva undastand!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Afraid to Jump Into That New Relationship? Well this Blog Just May Be For You!!

Could you be missing out on the love of your life due to holding on to past hurts? This happens more then you think it does.. When entering a relationship, a lot of both men and women are afraid to jump in,with both feet first due to past hurts and or trust issues, but is this fair to the person whom is trying to get next to you? I believe this is where we begin to make the first mistake as women when entering a new relationship.. We absolutely can not begin to put all men in one Easter basket and color them all yellow.
Yes, maybe in your past relationship you were cheated on, lied to and just all out have trust issues with the opposite sex.. But, how good can that be for you? You can honestly miss out on something profound being afraid.. and when I speak of fear, I am not referring to the kind of fear that makes you run from a fight and considered a coward, I'm referring to the kind of fear that pulls at your heart stings every time you see a couple that looks as if they are madly in love, the kind of fear that keeps you away from weddings, because your afraid that your day just may never come.
We must begin to leave the luggage at the airport or at least unpack it when you walk through that front door . We put so many stumbling blocks in the way of our own happiness when it comes to finding love. Maybe we as women should stop yelling men ain't shit and begin to give ourselves a look over, begin to see why it is our men are stepping out on us with other women. It always amazes me to know that a man can love the foundation that he has built but will in fact go to a outside beach to play in a different type of sand.
Let's try bringing some positive shit into a relationship that you may be thinking of embarking on,and see how far that gets you.. Just a little food for thought for those of us needing those extra words of encouragement, here on Wellsink.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lamar Makes Drug or Alcohol Induced Video Stating "When Khloe Is Away, He's Still On The DL!!"

"Why they Got Lamar Lookin' Like The Crack Head From The  Dave Chappelle Show"

From the Out side looking in, it would appear that Lamar Odom, done lost his damn mind.TMZ revealed a shocking video of him and his long time friend, standing in the mirror with shirt's off, rapping or singing, it's kinda hard to tell which of the two he was doing, being that he was so high or drunk that his words were a little slurred at the time.
What was made very clear was his comment on how when Khloe is away, he still is on the "DL" for those of you in the dark "DL" means down low in the gay community.. Now I'm not saying Lamar openly admitted while he was high or drunk playing around on camera that he is gay..maybe he just doesn't know the meaning behind those two letters..."DL"
He also made a few more slurred remarks that were hard to make out..You see if you can decode, just what in fact it is that Lamar and friend are saying... Watch the video here..
Lamar, Lamar. Lamar.. seems to be the only thing that comes to mind..We here at Wellsink, hopes it comes together for you and quick like..

Monday, November 18, 2013

Will Kim, Kayne, and Dr. Dre, Soon Be Collaborating With One Another?

Seems as though Dr.,Dre , Kaye West, and Kim Kardashian, could all three be collaborating, real soon.
Allegedly Kim and Kayne are looking to purchase another home, despite the $11 million mansion close by, that they recently purchased,still under construction. It appears that both Kayne and Kim are now concerned about their privacy at the current location and have started the search for a new home, and according to TMZ the duo just may have found the perfect home located in the private regions of Bel-Air.
Here's the kicker in all this..The 6-acre land that Kim and Kayne are now considering purchasing is currently owned by Dr. Dre in who purchased the home a year ago for the slamming price of $10.5 million. The house is now valued between $11-12 million dollars

Friday, November 15, 2013

Alot of drinking, Alot of hair being pulled out, And Alot of Girl on Girl Action, I'm Referring To The Bad Girls Club, Season 11

I watch the Bad Girl Club, every season, I even had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea Dominique from Season 9 "BGC". Here is my complaint on this seasons "BGC" and boy do I have a mouthful. I first want to touch on Janelle's birds nest..Janelle, you got on national television and told the world that, that shit that sits on top and across your forehead cost you a whooping $1,000.. I have one question for you.. Did you whoop that trick who sewed that shit in? If your answer is no: then you needed that ass whoopin' you got from Tiana, speaking about that ass whoopin you received while you were backed in the corner of that door, what were you doing the splits for? Were you happy you received a beat down? Hate to be you, by the way Janelle, when you touch down in Houston, make sure you pay your hair stylist a visit and get that shit touched up and please look into getting enrolled in some type of fighting classes.

On to the next one..Miss Mimi who desperately seeks attention from anywhere she can get it, I have a little advice for you.. Natalie Nun, gave you some sound advice.. "Punks jump up to get beat down" If your going to be sleeping with everybody in the industry and running their business in the streets, then you better get prepared to see bitches like me, and be ready to square up! You spoke on Justin Bieber in a very derogatory manner.. You claim that he has a one incher right? Then Mimi, that speaks volumes about you..Your a industry hoe and anything go..You nasty bish!!

 Shanae, when you first arrived to the house as a replacement, I liked you, and then you began to show your true colors.. Time to dry up the water works and put your big girl panties on, because surely you have made a spectacle of yourself for all of America to see.
As for the rest of the "Wolf Pack" in the house getcha boss shit on..I love a bish with heart!! Gina, Tiana, and Sara..I'll be speaking with you as well, Ima need that live radio interview from either one or all three of you.
Talk to you soon you bad bitches you!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Grid Ex" Is Less Then A Day Away, Are We Prepared For What Just May Be In Our Future, In This Generation?

Last month Wellsink, reported to you, "Grid Ex," a confirmed black out headed by Fema, as of is the latest.Back in August the New York Times reported a national energy “Grid Test” was scheduled for November called “Grid Ex II”.      The pdf outlining the test has been removed/disabled.


WASHINGTON — [August 16] The electric grid, as government and private experts describe it, "is the glass jaw of American industry." If an adversary lands a knockout blow, they are afraid, it could darken out large areas of the continent for weeks at a time; interrupt supplies of water, gasoline, diesel fuel and fresh food; shut down communications; and create disruptions of a scale that was only hinted at by Hurricane Sandy and the attacks of Sept. 11. This is why thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, F.B.I. anti terrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attacks and cyber attacks that could take down large sections of the power grid.
 They will practice for a crisis unlike anything the real grid has ever seen, and more than 150 companies and organizations have signed up to participate.
So to sum it up on a very large scale, There will not be a blackout come the 13th and 14th of this month, however the "Grid Ex" experiment is still in effect for both dates.

 Wellsink and company, is happy to learn that we will not go into the darkness for two days, however we also realize that we have not made it out of the woods yet, It makes you wonder, what this is all leading up to, and why now does our Government and other agencies want to perform these test.. It's going to be interesting to see where all this is going.. The question is...Are you ready?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Will Smith, Allegedly Cheat's on Jada, with 23-Year-Old knockout!

Say it isn't so, Will cheated on Jada?!!.. Shut the freakin' front door! According to"Star" Magazine, whom seem to be saying.. in fact it is so, Will,did cheat with  Margot Robbie,Co-Star,and 23-year-old actress from Australia,on October 25th, in New Orleans.Reportedly, they were spotted entering a camera both, where inside, there was a whole lot of inappropriate shit going on, again this is according to"Star". Will an Margot, reportedly, were instantly attracted to one another from the moment they auditioned for the upcoming movie "Focus" together, with Margot stating "when we had our audition together, we had a mutual chemistry, I think it's going to be alot of fun."
Hmm, where should Wellsink begin with all this bit of information.. Okay, I think this is where I'll begin.. It is not the responsibility of Wellsink, to pry into peoples private lives, I am a firm believer of people being allowed to live how they want, in private if they so desire to.So with that being said, here is what Wellsink, thinks about the photo's and the rumors about him cheating.

 Jada and Will have been an item for over 14 years, and relationship's absolutely are not perfect by far.. who are we to pass judgement on what and why Will did what he is being accused of doing. I would have to say to Will and Jada, we have watched you both grow through the eyes of the media, and as hard as it is to have managed to keep your lives and marriage very private, it is unfortunate that we are now witnessing this unfold.. Wellsink and friends will only hope the best for both Will and Jada.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Looking To Challange Your Taste Buds? Then Philly Steak Express Is Just The Place Your Looking For!

Looking for that great Philly Steak Sandwich,but miles away from Philadelphia? Well, Wellsink, has found the perfect place where you can get that Philly Steak experience, within the city  limit's of Las Vegas, located at 6446 N. Durango Rd. 89149.
Wellsink and friends had the opportunity of gobbling down one of their classic Philly steak sandwiches, and let me tell you, my taste buds twerked in my mouth with every bite that was taken. Wellsink, learned while dining out at Philly Steak Express, that not only did we experience the wonderful tasting sandwich, but others such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, The Rat Pack, as well as many other entertainers from earlier years, also enjoyed the fine restaurant.
Upon entering the doors of the small establishment, you instantly begin to notice the pictures framing the walls of past entertainers, even displaying an old Elvis Presley, concert ticket, that clearly would be worth a substantial amount of money if taken in to be appraised.

All in all Wellsink, and company really enjoyed the food and the service was great! Remember, if your looking for that great Philly steak, but miles away from Philly, no worries, "Philly Steak Express" is just a short drive away if your residing in the city of Las Vegas.
To begin enjoying your Philly Steak experience, call and place your order.

(702) 816-3000

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

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