Monday, December 31, 2012

With a New Year comes New Change, Will Putting the S back in Sex be Part of Your New Year Resolution?

Sex is something that should be no way, shape or form should it be looked at as if it were a chore that just had to be completed. This is a New Year, and with a New Year should come a new change. If you are in a relationship and all is great except for the sex,then this message is not for you, because at the end of the day, sex should not be the only reason that you are in this,but if sex is the glue that binds you together, well then this message is for you.In total this word of advice is for men and women both in relationships that they do not want to be in for what ever the reasons are. Now if at one point in time the sex was off the hook and the chemistry was there, then you need to figure out what and why things went wrong (that is, if you want to continue on in the relationship) if not then Buck it! and tell him/her to kick rocks with open toe shoes!

I can not speak for everyone when I say this, so I'll just speak for myself, in order for there to be any chemistry at all, there has to be some type of mind stimulation going on, if that isn't happening then I can almost assure you that you are not the man that I am thinking of when I fantasize about being "licked up and down" Why not, you ask? Well the answer is simple. I fall in love with intelligence, swag, and conversation. If you can keep my mind going or have me thinking deeply in regards to something you may have said, well then you have taught me something, and learning is something that I can not get enough of, as they say "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"
So now you know what makes some women tick, now trust me, I'm not saying that there are not the loosey, Goosey of the world that are ready to be bent, spent,and stuck. I'm merely referring to the women of class, I haven't gotten around to the "Hoes" yet In essence if your relationship is working in and out of bed, there's nothing for you here sweety, apparently your doing your job.
I want to take a little time out to address the cheaters that lurk behind closed door's. Women if you have a man that is stepping out on you, I'm going to make this real simple for you..."It's something that you just are not quite picking up on" Maybe your mate likes to receive frequent "Blow Jobs" are you giving them to him? if not, then ask yourself where you were when he was gettin the blow job of his life? Not present, and damn sure not the one he was gettin the Bj from... you have to keep him happy, whether its in the bed or in the kitchen, or just to simply be his listening ear... 'Hoes here where you come in.." Ladies, there will always be some bottom of the barrel ass hoe trying to put their fingers all up in ya cookie jar, don't get caught slippin', because they sit and wait for ah ish to f@%k up!
Maybe, the problem isn't you at all..its the person you have been trying to tolerate, but can only take in small doses, and if that's the case.. this is a New Year, I say enough of over dosing on " Done with this shit" Now time to take the remedy which is.. "Kick rocks with open toe shoes!!"
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