Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wake up people!!

Okay, let's just say that I totally want to stay Bias, in this whole Bizarre display of behavior that Katt Williams has been putting on lately and I continue to hold my ground, on what I have stated in previous Blogs about not attacking his character,I am more here to peel, or should I say bring light to a situation that seems to be growing more and more every day, and that is the mounting death's, alleged drug addicts, and overall problem individuals in the industry...
I want to take you guys back to one of Katt's live performances, you see..he shouted out to the crowd," if you don't believe in God then in 2013, you better get to believing in somethin" Why did Katt make the comment? Why did Martin Lawrence run around town in the middle of the street waving that gun around shouting at the top of his lungs " Their trying to kill me" or let's take it even further..why did Dave Chappelle all of a sudden leave a deal of his lifetime and disappear off to Africa somewhere?
These are questions you should all be asking yourselves! Martin wasn't crazy, and neither is Dave Chappelle or Katt Williams. These people know something.! It almost seems as if as soon as Katt Williams began to speak out  on things that he felt were going wrong, we began to hear of all this crazy behavior he has been displaying.
It appears that he is losing his fan base as well, some are even attributing his odd behavior to drugs,  it's the same thing they said about the two other Entertainers I mentioned a moment ago. These men are not crazy, maybe the industry and some of the people that are in these people's circle may be a few cans short of a six pack.
In the publics right mind, do you guys honestly think that these artist and entertainers are all dying of drug over doses, I mean this goes back as far as Mrs.Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, Elvis Presley and the list goes on and on. We are being told in the music today just what type of industry and world we live in.. Stop bobbin your heads to the beats of these songs and pay attention to the message.. Wake up People! We are in big trouble!!

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