Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Keep From Going Off On You..

How can I be me, confined by shackles and constrains? you can't do this, you can't say that, society has too many complaint's.. Overwhelmed in a state beyond content, lost in a world that's cruel with constant murder on it's mind, trying to catch up, make up for lost times.
Peoples hearts so full of hate, feeling like scraping some of this pain off of my plate.
Trying to maintain in a land where only the strong will survive, wiping the tears, because they sting my eye's..wondering if anyone will hear me cry, I calculate the time that I lost, can never get back..I mean it flew by..
Thinking that the answers to life were planted deep in my head, finding out I didn't know shid instead. I want to be free, to be able to express my emotions freely, without you looking down on me, but the color of my skin has already condemned me. Living for me like one day at a time, and right about my time to shine.
People are funny, hate runs through their veins, sometimes jealousy is the name of this game, You'd like to see me fail, but It's a must that I stay on top.. My ambition is too strong for just one person to stop..
I'm one way, there is no in between, I could care less about your friendship..I'm trying to stack this green..
I thought I say this in a rhyme or two.. it's all I had to keep from going off on you..
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