Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ne-Yo, You Are Not The Papi!!

Here's to the woman name Jessica White, she claimed to have had a child by Ne-Yo and at one point Ne-Yo was actually named the father on the birth certificate, well as things stand today we now know that Jessica White is a big, Fat, Bold faced lier trying to pin a baby on a dude in hopes that the baby will be a meal ticket! shame on you..
What kills the game for me in this whole situation is that part of the courts stipulation was that Ne-Yo would not bring up her trying to bamboozle him to the public...well..he did in a interview to VH1, now it looks as if Jessica the gold digger is saying either settle this out of court (pay me) or I'll have Attorney Gloria Allred make you pay!!
Listen Jessica, keep your legs closed to the Artist and Entertainers and you wouldn't have to pay anyone not to tell the public that your a hoe/groupie..
Food for thought Mrs. Jessica White!!
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