Sunday, December 2, 2012

Katt Williams Is Givin' Northern California a Run For Their Money!

 Katt Williams is acting up! Wellsink "Raw and UN-Cut"
brought the Exclusive to you last Monday when Katt took Sacramento Co, on a 35mph "slow" speed chase through "J' street.right around the corner from the State Capitol on Sunday, where the incident took place.
What Wellsink neglected to inform the public, was Wellsink learned of the incident of Katt slapping a Target employee in Woodland, Ca approximately 15 miles out of Sacramento.
On the footage that can be seen on YouTube, there is no audio sound, so you can't hear what's being said.
Listen, Katt slapped the Bjesus out of a Target employee, then hops on you know, those electrical carts that are put in the corner of the store for the shopper who just may be disabled? and proceeds to take the Target employee's on a low speed chase, this all coming shortly after his run in with the law on his three-wheeler in Sacramento, seems to me that Katt is tearing the streets of Northern California up while he is on tour.
All fun and games aside, I think that Katt is one of the funniest Comedians alive,I am not here to judge his actions nor will I down play his character.What I will say is this, I think that the public and fans of these artist and entertainers can put too much emphasis on how they should appear in the public's eye, and sometimes that pressure can be way too much! These artist and entertainers don't want the pressure of being a role model and nine times out of ten, they did not enter into the industry to become a role model, I can assure you that the reason that they are even in the Lime light is because they wanted a better life then what they were essentially living, so they put in that time and effort to obtain higher goals... And when that person does achieve higher ground, is it there duty to be role models for our children and the public? It is not the responsibility of our Artist and Entertainers to baby sit the actions of today's society! With all the other pressure's that these entertainers face behind close door's and scenes.Why don't we..the public..Just mind our own business and everything will be O...kay..
Hey Katt! yous ah nut.
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