Sunday, December 16, 2012

"I am the New World Order, and you could have prevented me.."

Consider the the possibilities, of living in a time where we are no longer able to enjoy the very things that we enjoy and may take advantage of  today such as, the way your favorite soft drink taste or the pleasure of being able to live in privacy, a time when you had rights, and women were just as equal as men ( at lease that is what they would want us to believe.)
Have you ever just sat back and wondered how the first person on this earth came about? Well I have and I can only come up with this: At one point in life there had to have been a greater power who existed, and that greater power whomever he or she may have been, created all the beautiful things that we take advantage of today. We are so busy with work, and raising our children and taking care of all the inside responsibilities of the world, we sometimes tend to forget what really is important.We begin to move about as if we were some type of programmed robots with no sense of direction of our own, we began to let other's think for us instead of thinking for ourselves..
The pressures of poverty become so overwhelming we begin to do almost anything for that O so powerful money that green.

But I think some where along the way, we began to lose faith, our sight became unclear. We got wrapped up in the music, and the things on television that the very important things were over looked...
Until one day, we were invaded by foreigners, and nothing was the same, they made us implant chips in our bodies, in place of credit cards and cash, we were no longer living in privacy, everyone could see every move that you were to make.
Women and children were becoming extent, because some one felt that this was a man's world and women and children were no longer welcome in it.
Do you know who I am? I am the New World Order, and you could have prevented me.
People Please, please wake up!!

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