Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Did Trey Song's, Really Get Arrested for Makin' it Rain on a Bish?!"

What!? Trey Song got arrested for making it rain on a ish?! Apparently so,TMZ report's,
Songz (Tremaine Neverson) had an album release party on August 21 at a gentleman's club in Queens. According to police, somewhere between 4:00 and 4:15 AM on the 22nd, when Songz became involved in a fight inside the club.
 "Tremaine Neverson, did throw some money at the chic and also stated that some of the money did hit her in her left eye causing substantial pain, said police officials. It has not been made clear if the woman in question was a hoe for the club..or just some innocent ish looking at her some tits,,,Ijs

Trey was arrested a month later for misdemeanor assault. Songz had a court date in New York on November,1st and a order of protection was issued. He is due to appear  back before the  court's in February.

Are you serious? Find somebody to blow in it! I find it hard to believe that some one took the time out of their day to even make a dumb ass claim such as this one.. Hey chick who was  hit in the eye with a bill....ctfu!! with all the serious events going on around the world your trying to get rich on a get rich quick scheme..get a life!!
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