Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut Christmas Massacre!

Today proves to be yet again another tragedy at Connecticut elementary school, killing nearly 30 people -- most of them children, a law enforcement official receiving information from the scene told CNN.
Are we the people still shocked that this type of evil is lurking around in our children's schools, or in our neighborhoods? 
Personally, I'm not shocked being that we have seen this happen too many times within the last years. What does shock me, is that knowing all this madness is going on in the schools, we as parent's are still required to make our children attend school. I guess the question would be, at one point do we as parents take a stance and say enough is enough.
We as the parent's have every right not to want to put our children in harms way, and by no means would any parent in their right mind intentionally subject their child to danger, so then we as the parent begin to think of other ways of getting our children the education that is required of them without subjecting them to Public Education.

But in all reality, is this what our Government wants? for us as the people to become afraid of our very own shadow? That way the people will beg for humanity to be micro-managed by a NWO (New World Order)
This way it gives the illusion that the people asked to lose their rights, the people asked to have chips implanted in our bodies in order to keep us safe. Bullshit! We are being blind sided, flat out lied to. The things that are going on in this world have been planned to the very last T and if you thought differently, then you my friend are in for a rude awakening!
Did you think that Angels and Demons were a myth or just two names that were made up? Good and Evil does exist and the Most High and the Devil are real, This will be the year that all things rise things that we never thought even existed.. To all the families that were affected by this tragedy, our hearts and prayer's go up to you and all of your families..
May the Most High be with us all.

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