Sunday, December 23, 2012

Click Clack, Round One..

Click Clack, round one, here we go more life gone because of a so called friend,  He knew in his mind that the ish wasn't right, creepin' out the house real late at night, but the nigga was gone.. in love couldn't tell him him it was day..he would have sworn it was let him go through the motions, his Boi wasn't ready for that fight..
Her dude was a hustla, when night fell he ran, time to get up on all the green that he can, coming home with bag's of cash and sometimes dope.. he was a Pharmaceutical Rep, specializin' in coke.His business was boomin' he wasn't no joke.
He was a Boss in every town that he went, for this man money was relevant. He was a hog that barred none, you wouldn't catch this cat without his gun, Tongue wrestlin' was a game that this cat didn't play, say the wrong thang, you'll come up missin'..on his good day.
Yes, people were scared from the outside of their flesh to the inside of their bones, when this cat was on the block, everyone stayed home.

He came from the projects, pattin' ya down askin' you whats in your wallet.
His ish knew this life he was livin wouldn't last long...he'd end up in the pen, or even worse.. gone!
She would say to him, a scarey nigga will kill you quick, you aint the only nigga that's real sick.
He shrugged her off as if she was a joke, and in the mean time he keep's missin' his money and dope. A math wiz at best, he knows what he has, he thinks to himself "If i catch her dippin in ma shit....that's gone be her ass".
His telephone rings, it's half past two, he noticed his chic hasn't come to bed.."ish where are you"
He answers the phone he got a knock that's on hit, he gotta get this money, his mind flashes back to his ish.
The words she spoke, kept ringing in his ears, for the first time in the game, the nigga sensed fear.. he pulls up to the spot to make the sale to the knock, before he could look up good, he heard a loud pop.then.looked down at his chest and noticed he got shot, his vision blurred he's trying to sustain..out the corner of his eye's he sees his bitch shane..She shot him once in the heart..Greed was this game! This is the world we live will be and is the root of ALL EVIL!

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