Monday, December 31, 2012

With a New Year comes New Change, Will Putting the S back in Sex be Part of Your New Year Resolution?

Sex is something that should be no way, shape or form should it be looked at as if it were a chore that just had to be completed. This is a New Year, and with a New Year should come a new change. If you are in a relationship and all is great except for the sex,then this message is not for you, because at the end of the day, sex should not be the only reason that you are in this,but if sex is the glue that binds you together, well then this message is for you.In total this word of advice is for men and women both in relationships that they do not want to be in for what ever the reasons are. Now if at one point in time the sex was off the hook and the chemistry was there, then you need to figure out what and why things went wrong (that is, if you want to continue on in the relationship) if not then Buck it! and tell him/her to kick rocks with open toe shoes!

I can not speak for everyone when I say this, so I'll just speak for myself, in order for there to be any chemistry at all, there has to be some type of mind stimulation going on, if that isn't happening then I can almost assure you that you are not the man that I am thinking of when I fantasize about being "licked up and down" Why not, you ask? Well the answer is simple. I fall in love with intelligence, swag, and conversation. If you can keep my mind going or have me thinking deeply in regards to something you may have said, well then you have taught me something, and learning is something that I can not get enough of, as they say "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"
So now you know what makes some women tick, now trust me, I'm not saying that there are not the loosey, Goosey of the world that are ready to be bent, spent,and stuck. I'm merely referring to the women of class, I haven't gotten around to the "Hoes" yet In essence if your relationship is working in and out of bed, there's nothing for you here sweety, apparently your doing your job.
I want to take a little time out to address the cheaters that lurk behind closed door's. Women if you have a man that is stepping out on you, I'm going to make this real simple for you..."It's something that you just are not quite picking up on" Maybe your mate likes to receive frequent "Blow Jobs" are you giving them to him? if not, then ask yourself where you were when he was gettin the blow job of his life? Not present, and damn sure not the one he was gettin the Bj from... you have to keep him happy, whether its in the bed or in the kitchen, or just to simply be his listening ear... 'Hoes here where you come in.." Ladies, there will always be some bottom of the barrel ass hoe trying to put their fingers all up in ya cookie jar, don't get caught slippin', because they sit and wait for ah ish to f@%k up!
Maybe, the problem isn't you at all..its the person you have been trying to tolerate, but can only take in small doses, and if that's the case.. this is a New Year, I say enough of over dosing on " Done with this shit" Now time to take the remedy which is.. "Kick rocks with open toe shoes!!"

Is Kim and Kayne Expecting?!

Looks like Kim Kardashian has finally gotten her wish, it appears that her and Kayne West are now expecting.. I guess my question would then be..who didn't see that coming? Well congradulations to both you and Kanye. I know one thing, he or she will be very spoiled!

So I guess for now ladies and gents Kayne and Kim's cloths will stay on, and there will not be any porn like movies coming from these two any time soon or at least for nine months.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Click Clack, Round One..

Click Clack, round one, here we go more life gone because of a so called friend,  He knew in his mind that the ish wasn't right, creepin' out the house real late at night, but the nigga was gone.. in love couldn't tell him him it was day..he would have sworn it was let him go through the motions, his Boi wasn't ready for that fight..
Her dude was a hustla, when night fell he ran, time to get up on all the green that he can, coming home with bag's of cash and sometimes dope.. he was a Pharmaceutical Rep, specializin' in coke.His business was boomin' he wasn't no joke.
He was a Boss in every town that he went, for this man money was relevant. He was a hog that barred none, you wouldn't catch this cat without his gun, Tongue wrestlin' was a game that this cat didn't play, say the wrong thang, you'll come up missin'..on his good day.
Yes, people were scared from the outside of their flesh to the inside of their bones, when this cat was on the block, everyone stayed home.

He came from the projects, pattin' ya down askin' you whats in your wallet.
His ish knew this life he was livin wouldn't last long...he'd end up in the pen, or even worse.. gone!
She would say to him, a scarey nigga will kill you quick, you aint the only nigga that's real sick.
He shrugged her off as if she was a joke, and in the mean time he keep's missin' his money and dope. A math wiz at best, he knows what he has, he thinks to himself "If i catch her dippin in ma shit....that's gone be her ass".
His telephone rings, it's half past two, he noticed his chic hasn't come to bed.."ish where are you"
He answers the phone he got a knock that's on hit, he gotta get this money, his mind flashes back to his ish.
The words she spoke, kept ringing in his ears, for the first time in the game, the nigga sensed fear.. he pulls up to the spot to make the sale to the knock, before he could look up good, he heard a loud pop.then.looked down at his chest and noticed he got shot, his vision blurred he's trying to sustain..out the corner of his eye's he sees his bitch shane..She shot him once in the heart..Greed was this game! This is the world we live will be and is the root of ALL EVIL!

Ne-Yo, You Are Not The Papi!!

Here's to the woman name Jessica White, she claimed to have had a child by Ne-Yo and at one point Ne-Yo was actually named the father on the birth certificate, well as things stand today we now know that Jessica White is a big, Fat, Bold faced lier trying to pin a baby on a dude in hopes that the baby will be a meal ticket! shame on you..
What kills the game for me in this whole situation is that part of the courts stipulation was that Ne-Yo would not bring up her trying to bamboozle him to the public...well..he did in a interview to VH1, now it looks as if Jessica the gold digger is saying either settle this out of court (pay me) or I'll have Attorney Gloria Allred make you pay!!
Listen Jessica, keep your legs closed to the Artist and Entertainers and you wouldn't have to pay anyone not to tell the public that your a hoe/groupie..
Food for thought Mrs. Jessica White!!

Chad Ocho Cinco's New Shoes Better Land Him On The Moon!!

It appears that Chad Ocho Cinco, spent an  incredible 8,000 on a pair of "Moon Shoes?"
Chad yes, we all know that you are a shoe codesour, but  come on 8,000 dollars?! either you know something that we all need to be let in on, or your just plum,dumb and went and lost your got damn mind!!
Granted, it's your money, spend it as you may, I just feel to fork over $200 for any type of tennis shoe, moon shoes...whatever.. is too much, 8 racks is a whole lot of dough and for that amount of money..them bad boys better be able to ignite, take off and land you on the moon!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Man Bares All While Kate Moss Films at St. Barts on Wednesday

Kate Moss is absolutely no stranger when it comes to one "Bearing all that they got!" So why is everyone so gong ho on this man that was obviously seen, walking slowly in the background of a up and coming film that Kate Moss and Production crew were filming. Maybe people were alarmed to see a grown ass man parading around in just his bare skin, with his penis flappin' from side to side... Yuke! (Shudder...)

Yes, I can definitely see how everyone could have been alarmed..Just when Kate Moss and crew thought that they   were filming in private.., well let's just say..they were viewing quite a show themselves..

Fat Joe Wont be "Making it Rain" no time soon!

Fat Joe has pled guilty to tax evasion.
The rapper has been accused of giving the IRS the huge middle finger by not paying a whooping $700k in the year's of 2007-2008. Joe appeared in a New Jersey Federal Court this morning to face those charges and walked out just as quickly as he stepped in, but not before forking over a hefty $250k in bond money...Like Whoa! Looks as if Fat Joe won't be "Making it Rain" no time soon..

Sunday, December 16, 2012

"I am the New World Order, and you could have prevented me.."

Consider the the possibilities, of living in a time where we are no longer able to enjoy the very things that we enjoy and may take advantage of  today such as, the way your favorite soft drink taste or the pleasure of being able to live in privacy, a time when you had rights, and women were just as equal as men ( at lease that is what they would want us to believe.)
Have you ever just sat back and wondered how the first person on this earth came about? Well I have and I can only come up with this: At one point in life there had to have been a greater power who existed, and that greater power whomever he or she may have been, created all the beautiful things that we take advantage of today. We are so busy with work, and raising our children and taking care of all the inside responsibilities of the world, we sometimes tend to forget what really is important.We begin to move about as if we were some type of programmed robots with no sense of direction of our own, we began to let other's think for us instead of thinking for ourselves..
The pressures of poverty become so overwhelming we begin to do almost anything for that O so powerful money that green.

But I think some where along the way, we began to lose faith, our sight became unclear. We got wrapped up in the music, and the things on television that the very important things were over looked...
Until one day, we were invaded by foreigners, and nothing was the same, they made us implant chips in our bodies, in place of credit cards and cash, we were no longer living in privacy, everyone could see every move that you were to make.
Women and children were becoming extent, because some one felt that this was a man's world and women and children were no longer welcome in it.
Do you know who I am? I am the New World Order, and you could have prevented me.
People Please, please wake up!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wellsink "Raw and Un-Cut" 12/15 by Wellsink Raw and UnCut | Blog Talk Radio

Wellsink "Raw and Un-Cut" 12/15 by Wellsink Raw and UnCut | Blog Talk Radio

"Did Trey Song's, Really Get Arrested for Makin' it Rain on a Bish?!"

What!? Trey Song got arrested for making it rain on a ish?! Apparently so,TMZ report's,
Songz (Tremaine Neverson) had an album release party on August 21 at a gentleman's club in Queens. According to police, somewhere between 4:00 and 4:15 AM on the 22nd, when Songz became involved in a fight inside the club.
 "Tremaine Neverson, did throw some money at the chic and also stated that some of the money did hit her in her left eye causing substantial pain, said police officials. It has not been made clear if the woman in question was a hoe for the club..or just some innocent ish looking at her some tits,,,Ijs

Trey was arrested a month later for misdemeanor assault. Songz had a court date in New York on November,1st and a order of protection was issued. He is due to appear  back before the  court's in February.

Are you serious? Find somebody to blow in it! I find it hard to believe that some one took the time out of their day to even make a dumb ass claim such as this one.. Hey chick who was  hit in the eye with a bill....ctfu!! with all the serious events going on around the world your trying to get rich on a get rich quick scheme..get a life!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut Christmas Massacre!

Today proves to be yet again another tragedy at Connecticut elementary school, killing nearly 30 people -- most of them children, a law enforcement official receiving information from the scene told CNN.
Are we the people still shocked that this type of evil is lurking around in our children's schools, or in our neighborhoods? 
Personally, I'm not shocked being that we have seen this happen too many times within the last years. What does shock me, is that knowing all this madness is going on in the schools, we as parent's are still required to make our children attend school. I guess the question would be, at one point do we as parents take a stance and say enough is enough.
We as the parent's have every right not to want to put our children in harms way, and by no means would any parent in their right mind intentionally subject their child to danger, so then we as the parent begin to think of other ways of getting our children the education that is required of them without subjecting them to Public Education.

But in all reality, is this what our Government wants? for us as the people to become afraid of our very own shadow? That way the people will beg for humanity to be micro-managed by a NWO (New World Order)
This way it gives the illusion that the people asked to lose their rights, the people asked to have chips implanted in our bodies in order to keep us safe. Bullshit! We are being blind sided, flat out lied to. The things that are going on in this world have been planned to the very last T and if you thought differently, then you my friend are in for a rude awakening!
Did you think that Angels and Demons were a myth or just two names that were made up? Good and Evil does exist and the Most High and the Devil are real, This will be the year that all things rise things that we never thought even existed.. To all the families that were affected by this tragedy, our hearts and prayer's go up to you and all of your families..
May the Most High be with us all.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Mother Of Charlie Sheen's Twins Seems To Keep Losing!

Looks as if the mother of Charlie Sheen's twins, is losing. Allegedly Brooke Mueller, is leaving her twins with Denise Richards the ex-wife of Sheen. Brooke feels it deemed necessary to turn her self in to yet again another rehab Reportedly for the 19th time.
Good for you Denise for standing up to do the job Brooke seems to keep failing to do. Maybe, Just maybe when she gets out of rehab this time..she'll be "Winning"

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wake up people!!

Okay, let's just say that I totally want to stay Bias, in this whole Bizarre display of behavior that Katt Williams has been putting on lately and I continue to hold my ground, on what I have stated in previous Blogs about not attacking his character,I am more here to peel, or should I say bring light to a situation that seems to be growing more and more every day, and that is the mounting death's, alleged drug addicts, and overall problem individuals in the industry...
I want to take you guys back to one of Katt's live performances, you see..he shouted out to the crowd," if you don't believe in God then in 2013, you better get to believing in somethin" Why did Katt make the comment? Why did Martin Lawrence run around town in the middle of the street waving that gun around shouting at the top of his lungs " Their trying to kill me" or let's take it even further..why did Dave Chappelle all of a sudden leave a deal of his lifetime and disappear off to Africa somewhere?
These are questions you should all be asking yourselves! Martin wasn't crazy, and neither is Dave Chappelle or Katt Williams. These people know something.! It almost seems as if as soon as Katt Williams began to speak out  on things that he felt were going wrong, we began to hear of all this crazy behavior he has been displaying.
It appears that he is losing his fan base as well, some are even attributing his odd behavior to drugs,  it's the same thing they said about the two other Entertainers I mentioned a moment ago. These men are not crazy, maybe the industry and some of the people that are in these people's circle may be a few cans short of a six pack.
In the publics right mind, do you guys honestly think that these artist and entertainers are all dying of drug over doses, I mean this goes back as far as Mrs.Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, Elvis Presley and the list goes on and on. We are being told in the music today just what type of industry and world we live in.. Stop bobbin your heads to the beats of these songs and pay attention to the message.. Wake up People! We are in big trouble!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Keep From Going Off On You..

How can I be me, confined by shackles and constrains? you can't do this, you can't say that, society has too many complaint's.. Overwhelmed in a state beyond content, lost in a world that's cruel with constant murder on it's mind, trying to catch up, make up for lost times.
Peoples hearts so full of hate, feeling like scraping some of this pain off of my plate.
Trying to maintain in a land where only the strong will survive, wiping the tears, because they sting my eye's..wondering if anyone will hear me cry, I calculate the time that I lost, can never get back..I mean it flew by..
Thinking that the answers to life were planted deep in my head, finding out I didn't know shid instead. I want to be free, to be able to express my emotions freely, without you looking down on me, but the color of my skin has already condemned me. Living for me like one day at a time, and right about my time to shine.
People are funny, hate runs through their veins, sometimes jealousy is the name of this game, You'd like to see me fail, but It's a must that I stay on top.. My ambition is too strong for just one person to stop..
I'm one way, there is no in between, I could care less about your friendship..I'm trying to stack this green..
I thought I say this in a rhyme or two.. it's all I had to keep from going off on you..

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lindsay's Lohan, Losing Everything!!

Lindsay Lohan problems seems to keep mounting up! Reportedly the IRS has came and seized all of her bank accounts in order to repay her outstanding debts. The IRS has filed tax liens against Lindsay for the years 2009 and 2010 -- claiming she owes $233,904 in unpaid federal taxes.
Allegedly, Charlie Sheen  paid Lindsay $100,000 to help Lindsay's out of her 2009 tax problem -- but we're told Charlie's check barely scratched the surface ... because Lindsay also owes money for 2011.

I think drugs and alcohol has played a huge part in the troubles that Lindsay is now facing.
all the fame and money that you were once the proud owner of..tell me Lindsay, I would love to know what or who it is, that changes the dynamics in this industry..Maybe all that glitters, just isn't gold.

A Place For Me and

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Katt Williams Is Givin' Northern California a Run For Their Money!

 Katt Williams is acting up! Wellsink "Raw and UN-Cut"
brought the Exclusive to you last Monday when Katt took Sacramento Co, on a 35mph "slow" speed chase through "J' street.right around the corner from the State Capitol on Sunday, where the incident took place.
What Wellsink neglected to inform the public, was Wellsink learned of the incident of Katt slapping a Target employee in Woodland, Ca approximately 15 miles out of Sacramento.
On the footage that can be seen on YouTube, there is no audio sound, so you can't hear what's being said.
Listen, Katt slapped the Bjesus out of a Target employee, then hops on you know, those electrical carts that are put in the corner of the store for the shopper who just may be disabled? and proceeds to take the Target employee's on a low speed chase, this all coming shortly after his run in with the law on his three-wheeler in Sacramento, seems to me that Katt is tearing the streets of Northern California up while he is on tour.
All fun and games aside, I think that Katt is one of the funniest Comedians alive,I am not here to judge his actions nor will I down play his character.What I will say is this, I think that the public and fans of these artist and entertainers can put too much emphasis on how they should appear in the public's eye, and sometimes that pressure can be way too much! These artist and entertainers don't want the pressure of being a role model and nine times out of ten, they did not enter into the industry to become a role model, I can assure you that the reason that they are even in the Lime light is because they wanted a better life then what they were essentially living, so they put in that time and effort to obtain higher goals... And when that person does achieve higher ground, is it there duty to be role models for our children and the public? It is not the responsibility of our Artist and Entertainers to baby sit the actions of today's society! With all the other pressure's that these entertainers face behind close door's and scenes.Why don't we..the public..Just mind our own business and everything will be O...kay..
Hey Katt! yous ah nut.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stay In Ya Lane!

Stay in ya own lane, race at ya own speed, to be in my business.. there's really no need! doin ya research all on me as if ya name was NBC, bringing the people the latest gossip, all on Wellsink! Your a bish made nigga or maybe your a bish, where I come from we don't like no snitch..all up in my business like ya name's Katie Couric, Keep speakin' on me, it will be lights out and it's mor~nig ..just like Shirley Merdock!

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...