Thursday, November 15, 2012

You Had A Baby By A Hoe!!

Outta time, and damn near outta luck.. man this shit over my back kinda got me stuck! no one around when you need them the give them niggas ya last dime same ones who cant help you post that bail when you hit that cell- same fuck bitches that's gone tell to save them from living that same hell. soon as a nigga get locked down seems like you live in a motha fukn ghost town- bitch don't want to accept that collect call runnin her mouth bout the bill, but this that same bitch that's talking to that nigga in that next doe cell!!! life is a trip! man can i give you the game? when you get locked up everythang change. cant get a letter, or a box, let alone no money, snake motha fukas be actin real funny! done put furniture all in this bitch house-food all up in her babies mouth! a week after you get locked down she moves your cousin in her house. a bitch will be a bitch that's just how thangs was you to know you had a baby by a hoe!!
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