Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Turns You On?

What turns you on? is it the scent of a woman or how a man can leave his lingering scent behind after he has already left a room. Or could it be the conversation's you may have with a person that just makes your heart go pitter patter? For some people it could be the sex and the sex alone that makes the whole attraction package and if this is the case then more then likely, your are one happy, sexually satisfied, individual.
For me, I'm going to have to say that the way to attract me, is to get in my mind, give me some intellectual conversation, and I accept feed back as well. I love a take control type of man, so off top I get wet..Ijs..
Some times we as women and men alike put out the wrong vibes, and in doing so,they get a reaction that they did not anticipate, which could possibly mean, picking a mate that you have absolutely no chemistry with, and in turn the sexual vibe just isn't there, no matter how bad or how hard you want it to work out..

Another thing that could be a big turn on is how you emotionally connect with a person, again , this all goes back to "Chemistry" It is either there..or, it just simply isn't. Sure you can try to pry it it open with a crow bar, fall on to it like a bunch of dead weight's.. but at the end of the day you still walk away "full" if you can catch my drift.. In my year's I have actually learned something, and that is, a man needs to release. He is not like a woman who can hold out for months at a time, it's almost as if they want it on demand, and yes, folks there are women out there that are the same way, they want to be "stuffed and sucked" at their leisure and when that is not happening, well that's when thing's can begin to get rocky, not because your mate may seek comfort in someone else, but rather because they can not please you. Ladies, let me let you in on something, if a man is really in love with you, he has no desire to seek out and cheat on you "unless your dealing with a ruthless dog" and if that's the case, then that's a whole notha blog..

A man can be turned on by a woman's mental,physical or just plain ol turned on by that gushy,gushy she got between her legs, as long as she can cook a mean meal, keep the house and kid's clean, well then it's safe to say..that he very well may, stay ready..winks..winks.

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