Saturday, November 10, 2012

Two Gun Shot Wounds To The Head!!

They sped on the freeway at the speed of light, as she rocked away strapped to the gurney, tucked away in the back of the ambulance, she closed her eye's, daytime disappeared and it was instantly night! She wasn't sure if this was it, you know if the end was near, her life quickly flashed by, too weak to wipe away the tears, as she thought back to the moment that brought her here.
She thought of the man that she loved with all of her might, she could never win this battle, he was too big for her fight! Another hard day on his 9-5 made it another two weeks she walked around with two black eyes! His door mat, his punching bag, lately she's had enough!
Too weak too be strong, but too determined to give up! The children, the home the business they both share, at that moment, she really didn't care! she would end it all and she would end it tonight, she was not going to sit balled up in a corner and not participate in this fight. She ran through the halls of the house as if she had rockets from her ass, she saw him quickly gaining speed as if he had been in a car and pushed his foot to the gas!
She shouted from fear, then from pain, in his moment of shock she snatched the gun from his hand, and yelled out his name "Shawn! you will never hurt me again" she shot twice, one to the face, one in the chest, ending his life and bringing the abuse to it's death.
She fell to the ground as she proceeded to bleed, her 6 month old son climbs on top of her knees, she wished she could quiet his whimpering, from the horrific scene that he just seen! Blood all over, she's fading in and out, she hears voices throughout her house, She hears the one man, who state's as he straps her to the bed,"she killed her husband, Lieutenant Officer, Shawn Ted, she'll be dead on arrival due to the gunshot wound she suffered to the back of her head".

If you or some one you know is suffering from Domestic Violence,please contact your local Women Against Domestic Violence Resource Center, because every voice should be heard, before it is lost..

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