Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Unknown, The Spiritual Realm, Yes, People It Does Exsist!!

Have you ever awake from a sound sleep, to realize that you have multiple wounds or lacerations on your body that in fact were not there when you laid your head on your pillow, the night before? or maybe you have noticed thing's in and around your home are being Mis-placed or down right lost.
The light's in the hallway rest room pop on and you find yourself easing out of bed to go investigate the mysterious turning on of the light's.. as you proceed to get closer to the rest room, you feel a chill as if somewhere in the house there were a window left open, That my friend is what I would like to call being visited by "the unknown" the spiritual realm, yes people, there is such a thing.I would like to share with you on why it is that you may be being visited from someone in the spiritual realm.
Maybe the spirit that is lurking around died in a UN-settling way, and may be reaching out to you for help, some studies suggest that often, it is a loved one, simply making their presence known to you.. All that, is beautiful and great, but what about the flip side of that, the side no one wants to confront head on, and that is the fact that "we" meaning the American people are not alone on this earth. Angel's and Demons, you better believe that they in fact exist!

It has been stated that a evil spirit can and will walk about your home and it's only objective is to cause total mayhem and destruction confusion and chaos, this spirit is not happy and will do anything in it's power to ensure your UN-happiness, all to cause you to lose your faith in the Most High.
Some spirits can be summoned up, and that tends to happen when there is someone who practices in witchcraft, voodoo, and other magic that may bring them to the physical realm.
These spirits are very, very evil, waiting for you to get weaker and weaker in faith so it then can take over you physical body.
Do you think for one minute that a sane man could single handily devour a mans face? and listen that was only one case out of several that happened in Florida in which our ever so friendly Government neglected to tell the public about.
It clearly states in the Bible in the last day's that the demons will be unleashed, it also states that we won't be able to tell season from season, that has to count for something, ships landing on Staten Island, Tornado's attack Northern California, Sandy, Katrina, the disaster in Japan..come on folks..do you think all of this is by accident? People, Beware of wolves in sheep clothing, they come to destroy and tear down, no one will be safe. The Most High is calling on all Christians now!!! There is no more time to waste!

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