Friday, November 2, 2012

Stop Hiding behind Mask, Screens, and Shield Door's! Quit making Our People Your Industry Whores!

You hide behind mask, screens, and shield door's, making our people your industry whores!! The game has been sold..and I ain't just sayin', Imma run through this mufuka real fasssss and man I'm not playin! The Fiya has been lit no more no more De-Layin'!
Give you a meal ticket, then take it back, the umbrella bubble our Government has us living unda, man this shid is wack! Yet you sit her face to face eye to eye and condemn me because I'm black!
Hate dose not consume my veins I don't bleed blue blood, but if you had it your way you'd dope me up, have your way, and if I survive well then good luck! Your full of evil but most of all hate!
Willing to take the innocent down so you can continue to eat fat off your plate! you want to lock the stores, and have then never open again to cause the first reaction as a New World way of Livin?
You want our kids to be corrupt and disrespectful youth, but what you are really hoping for is that when the time comes... they will be strong enough to kill for you, so now, @ 16 you can do what you want to do?A child can be dis-obedient, be disrespectful be all in your face with their finger wagging right at you, but once that child is shown just who the boss is they want to arrest you.  Let's hinder the children from getting a proper education, let's keep them dummied down all while we pretend that it is the change of the times.. let's take their innocence and replace it with Violence, lets make the parents think that they have lost their mind!!
Why not go back to the times were women were beat and raped and niggas ate the scraps off of Uncle Toms plate!

Do you think for one minute that things have changed? Racism and hate still does exist, it's a high priority on some of your list! This world that we live is so very fake, the World as we know it, most definitely is at stake.
I'm in  grave sorrow for where we are headed next.. The Most High said it best..we are in the last day's, and things will only get worse before they get better.. the question is..will the American people be able to stand the weather?
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