Friday, November 30, 2012

Lost Love..

It's not enough to see you from time to time.. with your busy schedule, and well, you know mine. Constantly thinking of you no matter what day or time. Asking myself over and over again.. when did this rhythm create this rhyme? It's not enough to know that so many years have came and gone and still no progress,still right where we begun..

The memories, the times, the flash backs from the past, maybe in all essence, we just moved too fast!, The love, the pain, the secrets we hide..we could have leaped over hurdles but we had too much pride.. The talks, the past, the moments that were stole, no longer a reality but rather a distant black hole..
The love was there, I mean that wasn't a lie.. I could tell by the way he would look deep in my eye's..
The phone calls, the visits, the times we could get away, I'll remember the love I had for you for the rest of my days.
We were based on a friendship, that turned into lies, I probably changed the dynamics of this love affair, I'll admit it, I wont lie, but tell me what's a girl suppose to do, sit back and let time fly by..while you kick back, pound the ground, and slide in between thighs, and just plain ole do you?
I tried to make you jealous by flirting with other guy's, it wasn't that I really wanted em, I wanted YOU to open your eye's.
For me, I think that I'm all loved out..I don't want to invest the time to see what a dude is all about, How do you get over someone you loved for so many year's, the only person that could bring you to tears? How can you just pretend as if the feelin' was never there?
You don't, you hold that love in the pits of your heart, hold on to the memories that once played a huge part, of the reason that you even opened your heart.. Hold on to the kisses and the love you made, and the next time they come around, they won't be afraid to experience a love that's genuine and true and maybe then..that person will be love you..
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