Monday, November 12, 2012

Look's Like "Lark" From Saved By The Bell, Been Through Hell and Back..

Do you remember "Saved by the bell?" well then you should remember "Lisa" Lark Voorhies, you guy's know who I'm talking about, the only Black girl on that show, which by the way I loved..
Well in recent day's, there has been several photograph's floating around of Lark.. and let's just say Lark ain't lookin' too petty these days. I know that I use to try and emulate her style because she was so pretty. I can remember back in the day that Lark as well as Stacey Dash use to be my girls! So to see just how much Lark has changed has made me wonder, "What happened Lark?" It t has been rumored that Lark has been using Illegal Narcotics for some time now.
It makes you wonder what really goes on behind closed door's in the Entertainment world. Either these actor and actresses as well as Artist, either become strung out on dope or dead! What is the big secret that we are  not allowed in on? What is going on in the industry that people are ending up turned out either on drug's or sexually? It makes me wonder what happens once inside the industry? are there rules that are being stipulated upon these Artist and Actors once they have signed a contract advising them that they have to do drugs and participate in same sex relationship's? I find it hard to believe that the Heath Ledger's and Whitney Houston's of our time all fell prey and died from drugs. Now in some cases, such as Richard Pryor and a few other, yes, they were on drugs and some very unfortunate thing's happened to Richard during his battle with crack cocaine, but not everyone in Hollywood is aspiring to be a drug addict. "Please be advised that in no way does Wellsink, have an opinion on whether Lark 
has or has not used drug's, what I will say is Lark's mother has told sources that she is in fact Bi-polar, Wellsink has not obtained knowledge of her having any pre-exsisting medical condtion's in this matter either."

Whatever the problem is in Hollywood I surely wish they would fix it, because this drug epidemic in and out of the industry realm has gotten way out of control! Now we are seeing ten and eleven year-old's getting high off Meth and Crack, Women that were once beautiful and classy are now full of dope and trashy.. I guess for some people in Hollywood, the odds are not forever in their favor.

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