Thursday, November 29, 2012

Katt Williams Takes Sacramento County On A 3 Wheel High Speed Chase!

 Wellsink "Raw and Un-Cut", was the first to bring you this Exclusive on Katt Williams on Sunday he was caught driving a three-wheeled Can-Am motorcycle on a sidewalk near the state capitol building in Sacramento, initiating a chase at speeds of up to 35 mile per hour, and was spotted by the California Highway Patrol's capitol protection section on Sunday.

the CHP's capitol protection section said it plans to present a felony evading arrest case to the Sacramento district attorney's office for possible prosecution for taking CHP on a 35mph speed chase. A close source to Williams and Wellsink informed us that 
Katt at one point pulled over, got off of the three wheeler and proceeded to tell the officer that he was not going to stop and that  the officer would not catch him.
Wow, I wish I could have been there while the chase was going on. I can almost Assure you that Sacramento County found Katt's action's not to be funny at all! But I bet he had fun in the process.
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