Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Imma Hard Hitta!!

I don't come round your wood's poppin' off at the mouth, no need to sell wolf ticket, real recognize real, people know what I'm about! You started this war, I mean.. I came in peace, you the Jkat who thought I was weak, came to a lyrical war... and then..couldn't even speak, Imma pirhana I snack on the weak, bringing you down with each word that I speak!, mad because you couldn't compete, mad because the people were weak..mad because ya tongue got all twisted up..or are you mad cause this bish just don't give a phuck?!
Or are you mad because I putcha on blast? had cha runnin from Face book with rocket from ya azz.. I mean, I did call you illiterate, so now take this class! I show's all faces, I wears no mask, if this word play was a test, fashow, I'm gone pass.
Now that you been served shit on a platter by a boss hog bish..tell me..what will you come at me with, being your tongue play is hit,knowing ya mouth is all dried up, nigga where's ya spit?

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