Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hector "Macho Camacho" Dies at 50!

Breaking News, Hector "Macho Camacho" went into Cardiac Arrest, early Saturday and was taken off of life support and passed on shortly after.

If you can recall, he and another man whom had been out in the street's of  Puerto Rico, when gunned down by another vehicle, the driver of the vehicle that Hector had been riding in was killed instantly, while Hector sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his face and neck, sending him to the hospital in critical condition.

Early Saturday, Hector was removed from life support and passed away shortly after. For those of you who may not be aware, Hector "Macho Camacho" was known best throughout the boxing community for puttin'  hands on his opponent in the ring.Camacho's professional boxing career lasted 28 years, from 1982 to 2010, and included some of the biggest fights in recent memory. Bouts with Felix Trinidad, Oscar De La Hoya and Sugar Ray Leonard catapulted Camacho into super stardom.
In his career, Camacho posted a record of 79-6-3. He was never the best fighter on the planet, but his unique style and ability to connect with an audience made him one of the largest draws in the sport when he was at his peak.

Luis Muniz, Camacho's cousin, had this to say about his loving cousin, 
"My cousin showed everybody love. When he came around, when he came across, he inspired. He had a great personality. I know that it devastated a lot of people out here because he is a Boricua that made it. He was a great boxer. He had great personality. He showed everybody love. He was never cocky."

Hector Camacho was not a straight and arrow type of person. He battled several  personal demons throughout his life span. There was cocaine allegedly found at the scene And, according to the New York Times, "he had been arrested on several different occasions on charges including domestic abuse, possession of a controlled substance, burglary and trying to take an M-16 rifle through customs.This  is a tragedy for the boxing community and Hector's family and everyone involved in this incident.
 From everyone at Wellsink, sending our prayer's out to the         families of this devastating tragedy.

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