Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Damn Hector "Macho Camacho!!" Get up!! or Are You Down For The Count?

Boxing legend Hector " Macho Camacho" was shot last night in Puerto Rico, Leaving him with several gunshot wound's to the neck and the face, reportedly, he was shot multiple times and is now in critical condition.

Here's is some information "Wellsink" has obtained from sources:The former boxing champ was reportedly in the passenger seat of a car around 7 PM local time ... when another vehicle rolled up and someone opened fire ... shooting Camacho multiple times in the neck and face. The incident leaving the driver of Camacho's vehicle dead!
New report's have broke out stating that, Cocaine was in fact found in the vehicle of this once boxing legend.

Everyone at Wellsink is sending prayer's out to Hector's family, right around the Holiday's is when people seem to be at their most desperate..Be safe this Holiday Season Everyone!!!

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