Monday, November 5, 2012

Are You Loopy In Love?!

Are you loopy in love? but feel as though your love is not being reciprocated? Do you find yourself going out of your way to please your mate, but nothing. It's as though you are in this relationship alone.
If you find that you are this person, sweetheart I hate to be the one to say it to you, but the person that you are head over heels for, just isn't that into you, and you've been played like a child who loves violin.
If a person were to pay close attention to detail, then maybe the signs would be quite apparent, but for one who is seeing their love interest through rose filled glasses, surely is blinded by love and wouldn't be able to spot shit smeared across a rear view mirror! Smh.. Now with that being said, absolutely Neva make a person your priority when all you are to them is a option, the odds will never be in your favor if you live that way.
Moving right along, have you ever had the hots for someone and they had the hots for you as well, at lease you thought the feeling's were mutual. You will know if a person is feeling your vibe or not, these type  of thing's are very easy to spot. The number one way to really know for sure if the person you are diggin on is diggin you back.. for women, you will know by the little things that he may do, such as reach for your hand in a public crowd, he shares his last bite of his favorite dish with you, this may seem so small, but it's really a huge deal, if a man kisses you passionately he is in to you girl, because for one not too many men often want to get that deep and personal with a chic that they are just getting to know.
You will know without any doubt in your mind if this man is in to you if he brings you home to meet the parents( that's always a good sign)
Now the flip side to that coin.. that Man or Woman just is not into you if, they are always unavailable to you, That person lives right next door but for some reason can never find the time to keep company with you, refuses to take part in any major holiday's with you or you call or text their phone and  never  get a response.
There are so many tell, tell signs, you just have to be prepared to see with clear vision, the thing to remember in all of this can never get mad because the attraction of their eye does not feel the same way.
In life we are entitled to be with whom we want, you can not force anyone to love you, and by doing so, you have only created a great deal of heartache and pain on Yourself!

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