Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Big Sesame Street Secret!!

Say goodbye to the voice of Elmo as he has now resigned from Sesame Street, brought on by allegations of having a sexual relationship with a Minor boy at the time. Ironically, when this story first broke the alleged victim had went publicly stating that he was in fact a minor when the relationship with the man who played the voice of Elmo. Allegations of a sexual relationship was never denied, however, the man being accused did in fact say that he did have a intimate consensual relationship with the certain individual, however he was not a minor and is hurt that he would try and make all this into something it really was not.. a molestation case.
It's really sad when we as the people of this country can no longer sit our children down in front of PBS, because there may be some sick individual hiding behind a children's television show, and a few mask and fake names ready to sexually abuse our children.. this is a very sick man..shame on you!!

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