Friday, November 30, 2012

Lost Love..

It's not enough to see you from time to time.. with your busy schedule, and well, you know mine. Constantly thinking of you no matter what day or time. Asking myself over and over again.. when did this rhythm create this rhyme? It's not enough to know that so many years have came and gone and still no progress,still right where we begun..

The memories, the times, the flash backs from the past, maybe in all essence, we just moved too fast!, The love, the pain, the secrets we hide..we could have leaped over hurdles but we had too much pride.. The talks, the past, the moments that were stole, no longer a reality but rather a distant black hole..
The love was there, I mean that wasn't a lie.. I could tell by the way he would look deep in my eye's..
The phone calls, the visits, the times we could get away, I'll remember the love I had for you for the rest of my days.
We were based on a friendship, that turned into lies, I probably changed the dynamics of this love affair, I'll admit it, I wont lie, but tell me what's a girl suppose to do, sit back and let time fly by..while you kick back, pound the ground, and slide in between thighs, and just plain ole do you?
I tried to make you jealous by flirting with other guy's, it wasn't that I really wanted em, I wanted YOU to open your eye's.
For me, I think that I'm all loved out..I don't want to invest the time to see what a dude is all about, How do you get over someone you loved for so many year's, the only person that could bring you to tears? How can you just pretend as if the feelin' was never there?
You don't, you hold that love in the pits of your heart, hold on to the memories that once played a huge part, of the reason that you even opened your heart.. Hold on to the kisses and the love you made, and the next time they come around, they won't be afraid to experience a love that's genuine and true and maybe then..that person will be love you..

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bad Girls Club, Lindsay Lohan Style..

Seems that Lindsay Lohan is in the news again this time for fighting in a NYC nightclub.
Our sources say Lohan was at Club Avenue in New York, when she got into some sort of argument with a female patron and it became physical.  We're told cops came and arrested Lindsay for allegedly assaulting her.Law enforcement tells TMZ prior to the fight words were exchanged between Lindsay and the woman as they sat in separate booths near each other.  Lindsay said something to the effect of, "Give me my space."  Some time passed and then, for some reason, Lindsay allegedly punched the girl in the left side of her face.

     It is really sad to see you waist so much talent on the B.S. that seems to follow you everywhere you go Lindsay, I'm going to say this, Your fans and the public isn't sure what all is going on in your life behind closed doors, but what I do know is, I hope you seek out the appropriate help you need to overcome whatever demons that seems to follow your every move and get better, we are all rooting for you.

Katt Williams Takes Sacramento County On A 3 Wheel High Speed Chase!

 Wellsink "Raw and Un-Cut", was the first to bring you this Exclusive on Katt Williams on Sunday he was caught driving a three-wheeled Can-Am motorcycle on a sidewalk near the state capitol building in Sacramento, initiating a chase at speeds of up to 35 mile per hour, and was spotted by the California Highway Patrol's capitol protection section on Sunday.

the CHP's capitol protection section said it plans to present a felony evading arrest case to the Sacramento district attorney's office for possible prosecution for taking CHP on a 35mph speed chase. A close source to Williams and Wellsink informed us that 
Katt at one point pulled over, got off of the three wheeler and proceeded to tell the officer that he was not going to stop and that  the officer would not catch him.
Wow, I wish I could have been there while the chase was going on. I can almost Assure you that Sacramento County found Katt's action's not to be funny at all! But I bet he had fun in the process.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Imma Hard Hitta!!

I don't come round your wood's poppin' off at the mouth, no need to sell wolf ticket, real recognize real, people know what I'm about! You started this war, I mean.. I came in peace, you the Jkat who thought I was weak, came to a lyrical war... and then..couldn't even speak, Imma pirhana I snack on the weak, bringing you down with each word that I speak!, mad because you couldn't compete, mad because the people were weak..mad because ya tongue got all twisted up..or are you mad cause this bish just don't give a phuck?!
Or are you mad because I putcha on blast? had cha runnin from Face book with rocket from ya azz.. I mean, I did call you illiterate, so now take this class! I show's all faces, I wears no mask, if this word play was a test, fashow, I'm gone pass.
Now that you been served shit on a platter by a boss hog bish..tell me..what will you come at me with, being your tongue play is hit,knowing ya mouth is all dried up, nigga where's ya spit?


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hector "Macho Camacho" Dies at 50!

Breaking News, Hector "Macho Camacho" went into Cardiac Arrest, early Saturday and was taken off of life support and passed on shortly after.

If you can recall, he and another man whom had been out in the street's of  Puerto Rico, when gunned down by another vehicle, the driver of the vehicle that Hector had been riding in was killed instantly, while Hector sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his face and neck, sending him to the hospital in critical condition.

Early Saturday, Hector was removed from life support and passed away shortly after. For those of you who may not be aware, Hector "Macho Camacho" was known best throughout the boxing community for puttin'  hands on his opponent in the ring.Camacho's professional boxing career lasted 28 years, from 1982 to 2010, and included some of the biggest fights in recent memory. Bouts with Felix Trinidad, Oscar De La Hoya and Sugar Ray Leonard catapulted Camacho into super stardom.
In his career, Camacho posted a record of 79-6-3. He was never the best fighter on the planet, but his unique style and ability to connect with an audience made him one of the largest draws in the sport when he was at his peak.

Luis Muniz, Camacho's cousin, had this to say about his loving cousin, 
"My cousin showed everybody love. When he came around, when he came across, he inspired. He had a great personality. I know that it devastated a lot of people out here because he is a Boricua that made it. He was a great boxer. He had great personality. He showed everybody love. He was never cocky."

Hector Camacho was not a straight and arrow type of person. He battled several  personal demons throughout his life span. There was cocaine allegedly found at the scene And, according to the New York Times, "he had been arrested on several different occasions on charges including domestic abuse, possession of a controlled substance, burglary and trying to take an M-16 rifle through customs.This  is a tragedy for the boxing community and Hector's family and everyone involved in this incident.
 From everyone at Wellsink, sending our prayer's out to the         families of this devastating tragedy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Damn Hector "Macho Camacho!!" Get up!! or Are You Down For The Count?

Boxing legend Hector " Macho Camacho" was shot last night in Puerto Rico, Leaving him with several gunshot wound's to the neck and the face, reportedly, he was shot multiple times and is now in critical condition.

Here's is some information "Wellsink" has obtained from sources:The former boxing champ was reportedly in the passenger seat of a car around 7 PM local time ... when another vehicle rolled up and someone opened fire ... shooting Camacho multiple times in the neck and face. The incident leaving the driver of Camacho's vehicle dead!
New report's have broke out stating that, Cocaine was in fact found in the vehicle of this once boxing legend.

Everyone at Wellsink is sending prayer's out to Hector's family, right around the Holiday's is when people seem to be at their most desperate..Be safe this Holiday Season Everyone!!!

A Big Sesame Street Secret!!

Say goodbye to the voice of Elmo as he has now resigned from Sesame Street, brought on by allegations of having a sexual relationship with a Minor boy at the time. Ironically, when this story first broke the alleged victim had went publicly stating that he was in fact a minor when the relationship with the man who played the voice of Elmo. Allegations of a sexual relationship was never denied, however, the man being accused did in fact say that he did have a intimate consensual relationship with the certain individual, however he was not a minor and is hurt that he would try and make all this into something it really was not.. a molestation case.
It's really sad when we as the people of this country can no longer sit our children down in front of PBS, because there may be some sick individual hiding behind a children's television show, and a few mask and fake names ready to sexually abuse our children.. this is a very sick man..shame on you!!

Who did Mike Epps Shoot at Club Venue in L.A. Monday Night?

Why was Mike Epps fighting at a night club in a Hollywood Club, Monday night. Apparently, Mike had been (Heckled) by a strange man, Somehow the heckler and Mike Epps crossed path's and it was on and poppin', sources state that when the altercation first broke out between Epps and the individual who's name has been yet to be released, that there were gunshot's fired inside the "Venue" in L.A.Monday night.
After all the drama was over, the club goer's continued to party like it was the last night on earth..
Just so you know, authorities have ruled out any gun-play and no one has been arrested in regards to this incident..

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who Will Gain Financially From The Breakdown Of Hostess?

Who will gain financially from the break-down of        Hostess/Wonder bread? how many job's will be lost? and just what could this mean for the employee's of Hostess/Wonder Bread? 

This is a spin-off story from the Blog/Article written yesterday on this matter, as Wellsink, has gained further information and would now like for you to have knowledge of the matter at hand as well as it is a very serious matter and not to be taken lightly.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
IRVING, Texas (AP) — Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, plans to go out of business, lay off its 18,500 workers and sell its snack cake and bread brand. Apparently, this is not the first go round with Hostess/Wonder Bread being on the brink of almost losing this most iconic business in recent year's. Hostess suspended bakery operations at all its factories and said its stores will remain open for several days to sell already-baked products.
The company advised employees that it would file a motion in U.S. Bankruptcy Court to unwind its business and sell assets if plant operations didn’t return to normal levels by Thursday evening. The privately held company filed for Chapter 11 protection in January, its second trip through bankruptcy court in less than a decade.
“Many people have worked incredibly long and hard to keep this from happening, but now Hostess Brands has no other alternative than to begin the process of winding down and preparing for the sale of our iconic brands,” CEO Gregory F. Rayburn said in a letter to employees posted on the company website.

Because Hostess has filed bankruptcy, there are very little resources being offered to the employee's and it it appears that the employee's just very well maybe shit out of luck! But how is that fair to the thousands of employee's who have stood their post and have been loyal employee's? According to Hostess, it means nothing and the only thing the employee's can look forward to is a thank you very much for the many year's that you have slaved for our company,but your services are no longer needed..Have a good life without a pension plan. and oh yes..f@%k you very much..
I first want to know, where is all the money from this Multi-Billion Dollar Company going? who will be the ones to profit from the demise of this company? and where is all this originating from. A business that has strived for many, many, many year's, is now, all of a sudden, going out of business??
This must be hard on the CEO's. Let's all just sit and wait to see what lie UN-folds in recent day's to come on why this legendary business has now gone under. Let's stay focused and remember that this is not just a Blog/Article about one measly company going out of business, however a very Iconic one and very UN-unexpectedly at that, not to mention all the families that will be affected due to the closing of Hostess.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Say Goodbye To Hostess And Wonder Bread Product's For Good!!

Oh No! say it isn't sooo!! Hostess Cupcakes, will be turning it's back on several of their tasty treats, with "Twinkies" being just one of Hostess desirable pastry, snacks. Hostess plans on calling it quit's, and pulls the plug on it's whole Hostess and Wonder Bread operation after ump-teen year's of being in business.

What kind of world do we live in, when we can no longer appreciate, that golden brown,Cream filling desert, or the richness of the chocolate,white, and crumb cake doughnut..
Those of us who grew up seeing you sitting on our shelves in the pantry or in grocery stores, You will be missed. R.I.P Hostess and Wonder Bread!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

You Had A Baby By A Hoe!!

Outta time, and damn near outta luck.. man this shit over my back kinda got me stuck! no one around when you need them the give them niggas ya last dime same ones who cant help you post that bail when you hit that cell- same fuck bitches that's gone tell to save them from living that same hell. soon as a nigga get locked down seems like you live in a motha fukn ghost town- bitch don't want to accept that collect call runnin her mouth bout the bill, but this that same bitch that's talking to that nigga in that next doe cell!!! life is a trip! man can i give you the game? when you get locked up everythang change. cant get a letter, or a box, let alone no money, snake motha fukas be actin real funny! done put furniture all in this bitch house-food all up in her babies mouth! a week after you get locked down she moves your cousin in her house. a bitch will be a bitch that's just how thangs was you to know you had a baby by a hoe!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is It Quit's For Klohe Kardashian and Lamar Odum?

Rumors are flying high regarding the divorce of Klohe Kardashian and Lamar Otom,and seriously? people such as myself would like to know if there is any truth in the allegations, and if so.. did the split have anything to do with Klohe not being able reproduce? and if so, why would having a child be top priority on the marrriage list when he already has children, that theory just doesn't make since.
Was their marriage already on the rocks?
Reports state that Lamar was spotted in Las Vegas on 10/05/2012 living it up.. Has Klohe just gotten tired of the being married to a atlete bit? Who know's, hey for all we know this just could be another tabloid stunt. We'll see what future report's bring to Wellsink.



Monday, November 12, 2012

Look's Like "Lark" From Saved By The Bell, Been Through Hell and Back..

Do you remember "Saved by the bell?" well then you should remember "Lisa" Lark Voorhies, you guy's know who I'm talking about, the only Black girl on that show, which by the way I loved..
Well in recent day's, there has been several photograph's floating around of Lark.. and let's just say Lark ain't lookin' too petty these days. I know that I use to try and emulate her style because she was so pretty. I can remember back in the day that Lark as well as Stacey Dash use to be my girls! So to see just how much Lark has changed has made me wonder, "What happened Lark?" It t has been rumored that Lark has been using Illegal Narcotics for some time now.
It makes you wonder what really goes on behind closed door's in the Entertainment world. Either these actor and actresses as well as Artist, either become strung out on dope or dead! What is the big secret that we are  not allowed in on? What is going on in the industry that people are ending up turned out either on drug's or sexually? It makes me wonder what happens once inside the industry? are there rules that are being stipulated upon these Artist and Actors once they have signed a contract advising them that they have to do drugs and participate in same sex relationship's? I find it hard to believe that the Heath Ledger's and Whitney Houston's of our time all fell prey and died from drugs. Now in some cases, such as Richard Pryor and a few other, yes, they were on drugs and some very unfortunate thing's happened to Richard during his battle with crack cocaine, but not everyone in Hollywood is aspiring to be a drug addict. "Please be advised that in no way does Wellsink, have an opinion on whether Lark 
has or has not used drug's, what I will say is Lark's mother has told sources that she is in fact Bi-polar, Wellsink has not obtained knowledge of her having any pre-exsisting medical condtion's in this matter either."

Whatever the problem is in Hollywood I surely wish they would fix it, because this drug epidemic in and out of the industry realm has gotten way out of control! Now we are seeing ten and eleven year-old's getting high off Meth and Crack, Women that were once beautiful and classy are now full of dope and trashy.. I guess for some people in Hollywood, the odds are not forever in their favor.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Turns You On?

What turns you on? is it the scent of a woman or how a man can leave his lingering scent behind after he has already left a room. Or could it be the conversation's you may have with a person that just makes your heart go pitter patter? For some people it could be the sex and the sex alone that makes the whole attraction package and if this is the case then more then likely, your are one happy, sexually satisfied, individual.
For me, I'm going to have to say that the way to attract me, is to get in my mind, give me some intellectual conversation, and I accept feed back as well. I love a take control type of man, so off top I get wet..Ijs..
Some times we as women and men alike put out the wrong vibes, and in doing so,they get a reaction that they did not anticipate, which could possibly mean, picking a mate that you have absolutely no chemistry with, and in turn the sexual vibe just isn't there, no matter how bad or how hard you want it to work out..

Another thing that could be a big turn on is how you emotionally connect with a person, again , this all goes back to "Chemistry" It is either there..or, it just simply isn't. Sure you can try to pry it it open with a crow bar, fall on to it like a bunch of dead weight's.. but at the end of the day you still walk away "full" if you can catch my drift.. In my year's I have actually learned something, and that is, a man needs to release. He is not like a woman who can hold out for months at a time, it's almost as if they want it on demand, and yes, folks there are women out there that are the same way, they want to be "stuffed and sucked" at their leisure and when that is not happening, well that's when thing's can begin to get rocky, not because your mate may seek comfort in someone else, but rather because they can not please you. Ladies, let me let you in on something, if a man is really in love with you, he has no desire to seek out and cheat on you "unless your dealing with a ruthless dog" and if that's the case, then that's a whole notha blog..

A man can be turned on by a woman's mental,physical or just plain ol turned on by that gushy,gushy she got between her legs, as long as she can cook a mean meal, keep the house and kid's clean, well then it's safe to say..that he very well may, stay ready..winks..winks.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Two Gun Shot Wounds To The Head!!

They sped on the freeway at the speed of light, as she rocked away strapped to the gurney, tucked away in the back of the ambulance, she closed her eye's, daytime disappeared and it was instantly night! She wasn't sure if this was it, you know if the end was near, her life quickly flashed by, too weak to wipe away the tears, as she thought back to the moment that brought her here.
She thought of the man that she loved with all of her might, she could never win this battle, he was too big for her fight! Another hard day on his 9-5 made it another two weeks she walked around with two black eyes! His door mat, his punching bag, lately she's had enough!
Too weak too be strong, but too determined to give up! The children, the home the business they both share, at that moment, she really didn't care! she would end it all and she would end it tonight, she was not going to sit balled up in a corner and not participate in this fight. She ran through the halls of the house as if she had rockets from her ass, she saw him quickly gaining speed as if he had been in a car and pushed his foot to the gas!
She shouted from fear, then from pain, in his moment of shock she snatched the gun from his hand, and yelled out his name "Shawn! you will never hurt me again" she shot twice, one to the face, one in the chest, ending his life and bringing the abuse to it's death.
She fell to the ground as she proceeded to bleed, her 6 month old son climbs on top of her knees, she wished she could quiet his whimpering, from the horrific scene that he just seen! Blood all over, she's fading in and out, she hears voices throughout her house, She hears the one man, who state's as he straps her to the bed,"she killed her husband, Lieutenant Officer, Shawn Ted, she'll be dead on arrival due to the gunshot wound she suffered to the back of her head".

If you or some one you know is suffering from Domestic Violence,please contact your local Women Against Domestic Violence Resource Center, because every voice should be heard, before it is lost..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wellsink "Raw and Un-Cut" Line-up

Wellsink "Raw and Un-Cut" Mon-Fri 4-6pm PST and 7-9pm EST, Only Here Is Where We'll Keep you Warm Bay~Beeee!!

1. Monday- Mellow Monday's

2. Tuesday- Talk Tuesday's- ( Featuring Celebrity Guest, Authors, and Indie Artist)

3. Hip~Hop Wednesday's

4. Thursday- Talk Thursday's- (Featuring, Celebrity Guest, Author's, and Indie Artist)

                                                                                     5. Friday- Roll Out Friday's..all the hottest jams to getcha weekend started!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Unknown, The Spiritual Realm, Yes, People It Does Exsist!!

Have you ever awake from a sound sleep, to realize that you have multiple wounds or lacerations on your body that in fact were not there when you laid your head on your pillow, the night before? or maybe you have noticed thing's in and around your home are being Mis-placed or down right lost.
The light's in the hallway rest room pop on and you find yourself easing out of bed to go investigate the mysterious turning on of the light's.. as you proceed to get closer to the rest room, you feel a chill as if somewhere in the house there were a window left open, That my friend is what I would like to call being visited by "the unknown" the spiritual realm, yes people, there is such a thing.I would like to share with you on why it is that you may be being visited from someone in the spiritual realm.
Maybe the spirit that is lurking around died in a UN-settling way, and may be reaching out to you for help, some studies suggest that often, it is a loved one, simply making their presence known to you.. All that, is beautiful and great, but what about the flip side of that, the side no one wants to confront head on, and that is the fact that "we" meaning the American people are not alone on this earth. Angel's and Demons, you better believe that they in fact exist!

It has been stated that a evil spirit can and will walk about your home and it's only objective is to cause total mayhem and destruction confusion and chaos, this spirit is not happy and will do anything in it's power to ensure your UN-happiness, all to cause you to lose your faith in the Most High.
Some spirits can be summoned up, and that tends to happen when there is someone who practices in witchcraft, voodoo, and other magic that may bring them to the physical realm.
These spirits are very, very evil, waiting for you to get weaker and weaker in faith so it then can take over you physical body.
Do you think for one minute that a sane man could single handily devour a mans face? and listen that was only one case out of several that happened in Florida in which our ever so friendly Government neglected to tell the public about.
It clearly states in the Bible in the last day's that the demons will be unleashed, it also states that we won't be able to tell season from season, that has to count for something, ships landing on Staten Island, Tornado's attack Northern California, Sandy, Katrina, the disaster in Japan..come on you think all of this is by accident? People, Beware of wolves in sheep clothing, they come to destroy and tear down, no one will be safe. The Most High is calling on all Christians now!!! There is no more time to waste!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Are You Loopy In Love?!

Are you loopy in love? but feel as though your love is not being reciprocated? Do you find yourself going out of your way to please your mate, but nothing. It's as though you are in this relationship alone.
If you find that you are this person, sweetheart I hate to be the one to say it to you, but the person that you are head over heels for, just isn't that into you, and you've been played like a child who loves violin.
If a person were to pay close attention to detail, then maybe the signs would be quite apparent, but for one who is seeing their love interest through rose filled glasses, surely is blinded by love and wouldn't be able to spot shit smeared across a rear view mirror! Smh.. Now with that being said, absolutely Neva make a person your priority when all you are to them is a option, the odds will never be in your favor if you live that way.
Moving right along, have you ever had the hots for someone and they had the hots for you as well, at lease you thought the feeling's were mutual. You will know if a person is feeling your vibe or not, these type  of thing's are very easy to spot. The number one way to really know for sure if the person you are diggin on is diggin you back.. for women, you will know by the little things that he may do, such as reach for your hand in a public crowd, he shares his last bite of his favorite dish with you, this may seem so small, but it's really a huge deal, if a man kisses you passionately he is in to you girl, because for one not too many men often want to get that deep and personal with a chic that they are just getting to know.
You will know without any doubt in your mind if this man is in to you if he brings you home to meet the parents( that's always a good sign)
Now the flip side to that coin.. that Man or Woman just is not into you if, they are always unavailable to you, That person lives right next door but for some reason can never find the time to keep company with you, refuses to take part in any major holiday's with you or you call or text their phone and  never  get a response.
There are so many tell, tell signs, you just have to be prepared to see with clear vision, the thing to remember in all of this can never get mad because the attraction of their eye does not feel the same way.
In life we are entitled to be with whom we want, you can not force anyone to love you, and by doing so, you have only created a great deal of heartache and pain on Yourself!

#Food fa Thought

Is Beyonce's New Hair Do..All Banged up? You Be The judge..

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but somebody got's to be the one who says it.. Beyonce, that new hair do with the all banged up! As you and I both know, when you hold a certain amount of clout..well, people seem to tell you just what they think you may or may not want to hear..from one sexy chic to another, Chile, that hair do is not the business and someone in your camp should have told you just that as soon as they got a peek of that boo boo on top of your head.
Now, don't get it twitted, I'm a good looking woman with no reason to hate on you, but whoever told you that shit was cute..clearly lied and is hating on you!
Take it from me "B" this is not the look for you.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Stop Hiding behind Mask, Screens, and Shield Door's! Quit making Our People Your Industry Whores!

You hide behind mask, screens, and shield door's, making our people your industry whores!! The game has been sold..and I ain't just sayin', Imma run through this mufuka real fasssss and man I'm not playin! The Fiya has been lit no more no more De-Layin'!
Give you a meal ticket, then take it back, the umbrella bubble our Government has us living unda, man this shid is wack! Yet you sit her face to face eye to eye and condemn me because I'm black!
Hate dose not consume my veins I don't bleed blue blood, but if you had it your way you'd dope me up, have your way, and if I survive well then good luck! Your full of evil but most of all hate!
Willing to take the innocent down so you can continue to eat fat off your plate! you want to lock the stores, and have then never open again to cause the first reaction as a New World way of Livin?
You want our kids to be corrupt and disrespectful youth, but what you are really hoping for is that when the time comes... they will be strong enough to kill for you, so now, @ 16 you can do what you want to do?A child can be dis-obedient, be disrespectful be all in your face with their finger wagging right at you, but once that child is shown just who the boss is they want to arrest you.  Let's hinder the children from getting a proper education, let's keep them dummied down all while we pretend that it is the change of the times.. let's take their innocence and replace it with Violence, lets make the parents think that they have lost their mind!!
Why not go back to the times were women were beat and raped and niggas ate the scraps off of Uncle Toms plate!

Do you think for one minute that things have changed? Racism and hate still does exist, it's a high priority on some of your list! This world that we live is so very fake, the World as we know it, most definitely is at stake.
I'm in  grave sorrow for where we are headed next.. The Most High said it best..we are in the last day's, and things will only get worse before they get better.. the question is..will the American people be able to stand the weather?

The Truth Will Be Revealed!! Will You Be Ready For It??

Wellsink Elevated Radio!! where inking out the truth, isn't the only thing being served on a gold plated, platter.  I've been r...