Saturday, October 6, 2012

10/6/2002 R.I.P

Today marks the day 10 year's ago ,when the Most High took my angel.. I remember the day that you past away, I broke through a glass door trying to run your way! I'm sorry that the weight of the world was too much for you to bear, I apologize for those feelings of despair!
Your life was a hard walk, and this I now understand, Thank you so much for teaching me to understand the way of the world and how people are, thank you for helping me recognize bullshit from a far!
Thank you for teaching me to be the woman I am today. You taught me how to be a lady, you taught me grace, you told me to never let a ignorant mufuka change my heart nor my way's..
Ma, maybe I got off to one helluva rocky start..I was barley around,but you always had my heart!
My heart is heavy on this six day..wish I could pick up the phone and ask you about your day.
miss your homemade Cheesecake, I miss it so much, i tried to, I wont try that again, it wasn't too tasty, because the ingredients was missing your hands..
I bought your favorite drink, it's sitting on my dresser too, lookin at the bottle reminds me of you.. Ma you was bad from ya head ta ya toe, you were so glamorous, I thought I'd let you know.
Well Ma, success is calling my my own Radio Show! Gotta represent our name!!
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