Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today Is The Day Hollywood Comes Out Of The Closet!

Today is"National Coming Out Day" in Hollywood, the day for everyone in the city of  "Glitz and Glam" to come out of the closet and be happy about their sexuality,regardless of whom it may be that you love.. Hey, I say if you are a woman in love with another woman, then do you, and if your a man in love with another man, then shit, so be it, if that's what floats your boat.. Who are we to judge what you do with your vagina or penis in your spare time, behind your closed doors?
I think that this is a great day because it enables the people to see, just how much the world has changed. There was a time where being a lesbian or homosexual was hush,hush and to display any type of affection towards one another in public was a absolute no,no.
Now a day's it's so open and so talked about that Homosexual and Lesbian relationships are in fact acceptable in our society today, why is it that in other countries one could be castrated or worse lose their life for being in a same sex relationship. Is it wrong for the people of our society to judge who one loves?
I think the problem we are facing is that we have had a generational change, where things that use to be abnormal are now normal, because that is how it was designed to be.
Have you ever heard of Genocide? it's when a group or organizations tries to keep the world population under control by determining how many people can actually reside here on this big round earth, when this number gets to large, people in high places feel that it is essential to keep the population at a state that is easy to control.
So when we begin to enter into these same sex relationships it becomes impossible to pro-create, and isn't that what the bottom line is? To control the worlds population? and what better way in doing so,by putting the same sex together in a relationship, "Hmm..we'll just see if you bring a child in this world", it almost appears as if that's the message that is being sent out to the it is now wrong for a man and a woman to be together. Have we all forgotten what was written, The Most High created a woman so that man would not be alone..
You guy's I am not here to judge you because it is not my place, however, just because some one has told you that it is okay to be in love with the same sex, does not mean that they are right.I am not the Most High, so I do not judge, however, I do know a few thing's, if we as the American People do not open our eye's and begin to see Everything for what it is, then my people, we are headed for big trouble, pay attention to the lyrics in the music you are listening to, pay attention to the movies you are paying your hard earned dollars to see.
If we the people do not wake up and really, really soon, we will not be prepared for what is now about to transpire, we "Will" begin to see thing's that are not explainable or believable because we have not been looking through clear seeing glasses!
Gather together love one another, because a New World Order, is on the horizon.
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