Monday, October 22, 2012

The Vicious Cycle!

As a mother there are things that your right mind should tell you not to do. For instance, I would never allow a man to take up too much space with any of my daughter's, what is your grown ass doing trying to have a adult conversation with a 13-year-old child for? A mother should always raise one eyebrow if the man she is dating is showering your child with lavish gifts. One thing that a mother should pay attention to, is when her child tells her that a certain individuals makes them uncomfortable to be around. Yes! these are all red flags!
I'd like for you to understand that when a child has been raped, molested, incested, physically and mentally abused, that there are long lasting effects from that abuse. Some people that come from long lines of abuse, tend to become addicts, addicts of drug's, addicts of alcohol, and yes, for those who don't become slaves to alcohol or narcotics, the other majority can sometimes tend to become addicted to sugar. (true fact, look it up) I tend to be a sugar fanatic! I don't drink, I don't do drug's, however, I smoke cigarettes.
A person that has been abused as a child and has now entered adult hood find it difficult to communicate with other's it's like they can almost switch their personalities on and off. I have attributed the switching the emotions on and off to..simply this.. When a child is being abused, it puts that child in a scared and panic place, that child has no control over the situation, "what would you do if you couldn't exscape the abuse?" You would turn your emotions off, pretend you were some where else, some people have even been known to  have "Outter Body Experiences" which means that a person could actually leave the body and look down at the events that are happening in present time..again, another proven fact, all you have to do is research the information yourself.

Being raped and abused of any nature changes the way a person looks at another individual, one may not ever trust another man or woman again, sometimes a attack of this nature may drive him/her insane. Sexual abuse can sometimes lead to a lack of emotions, a person may become paranoid, withdrawn, anti-social, it could even determine a person's sexual preference.
Abuse is a vicious cycle, alot of mass murderer's, I can almost assure you were abused on some type of level.
Sexual abuse and battery can be the worst of all entering adult hood, why you ask? because to a victim of sexual abuse, depending on what age the abuse happened, could potentially destroy a man or woman's sex drive or the complete opposite the individual may become addicted to sex! Not being able to sustain a faithful relationship..
There is so much to be said on this topic, however I will leave you to marinate on this thought.
Alway's put your children first!!
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