Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Family Tree "The Roots That Are Buried Deep"

Coffee protected Cassie, and she loved her like a sister, like.. Cassie's own little sister Diamond, even though they grew up, and may have grown apart, Cassie loved Diamond, even now the movie Color Purple, still brought tears to her eyes, Cassie had thought back to a memory that made her smile from ear to ear, it was the part in the movie where the sister was being rapped by that no good decrepit old ass man, and the two sister's were in the deep fields, because the sister had been running away from being rapped any longer, and she thought of how her and her own little sister had played that hand and song game when they were younger as well.. Hmm, looking back on that memory always brought her to tears, yes, she loved Diamond, Cassie would have never dreamed that they would become strangers as time went on.
Cassie felt that when her sister reached of age, they would be as close even closer then her and Coffee had been, through Coffee, Cassie saw the importance of family. They were loving, caring and genuinely concerned about one another, always going above and beyond the call of duty for one another. Coffee knew first hand that Cassie was all alone on the streets she had also seen first hand, just how cruel and heartless some families could be.
"Who you tryin' to call Cass," Coffee said, with a look of concern on her face, she loved her best friend and could always tell when something wasn't sittin right with her homegirl. "Shit, my mom, I need to get out to San Jose to check on her, I haven't called her in a while she might be worried about me," Cassie said,
" Cassie, ya moms is on that ,yay, and even though she loves you, her mind ain't where you need it to be to keep you from being locked up, the judge already told you if you fuck up and show your face in his court room one more time they sendin ya ass to Y.A. shit they don't know what else to do with been to the ranch failed that program, you run from all your placements, and can't nobody find ya moms, shit even the number she gave  you is off, Cass, don't go back to San Jose.. what imma do with out my "Blood Sista," Coffee said, she knew that the way shit went down in the city, that she would have to remain on the low. By this time Coffee was six month pregnant by Black and she was happy, she had calmed down on the licks and  lettin rounds off, she had become soft, mother and woman hood was the name of this game. A month before she was to give birth to her daughter she was popped on the murder rap and the robbery, the good news was, she was not charged for the murder because they caught the cat that killed the nigga, the bad news was Coffee had been popped on 6 other bank raps, so guess what,they gave Coffee 75 years in CIW because new evidence came out surrounding a stabbing victim around another robbery case, where a woman was stabbed in her back and her face slashed open, Coffee wasn't the one who stabbed the woman, yet she never told a soul who the real offender was.
After Coffee had got locked up, Cassie returned to her old stomping grounds, San Jose, CA
she needed to see a few dogs about some trick ass cats so off to Seven Tees Cassie went.
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