Monday, October 22, 2012

The Family Tree "The Roots That Are Buried Deep!"

Cassie hit the street's of San Jose as if it had done a grave in-justice to her, she was angry. Cassie went into Juvenile Hall a very sweet, young lady, who yes, may have had some issue's but at the core of her soul she was as sweet as honey. Cassie figured that was why the staff member's through-out the year's had become her adoptive parent's. Cassie had her favorites as well, with Mrs. Moreno being one of the staff member's she loved, Mrs. Moreno would pull Cassie out of her room during visiting hours. That was Cassie's visit, Mrs. Moreno would bring her Snicker's candy bars and Pepsi soda, to a child who hadn't seen freedom and received any visits that meant alot. If you had someone on the outs that loved you, then it wasn't that big of a deal to have gotten a candy bar with a soda to go with was normal, but for a person, a child with no outside communication with anyone at all, it felt like someone had just told Cassie she had won the lotto. It became routine for Mrs. Moreno to pull Cassie out of her cell, just to show Cassie she was loved, Mrs. Moreno started a trend, before you knew it, Teddy Bear, another staff member began to pull Cassie out of her room for cleaning detail, shoot, you were lucky to be on cleaning detail, that meant that you could stay up late with the staff members, eat popcorn, and have a movie night without the other residents of the Hall.
The newbies that entered the Hall would get upset and write complaints because they felt the staff members showed favoritism towards Cassie and they did, but for good reason. "Cassie, why is it that your family has never been here to see you in the whole 13 months of your stay here?" Miss Beverley asked Cassie
Another staff member that she adored, she was a African American woman and she was always dressed to impress, one could tell that Miss Beverley's milkshake brought all the boys to the yard, she was a very pretty woman. Miss Beverley was the one who told her what the brown stuff was in her panties when she had turned 12-years-old in the Hall "It's just the beginning of your woman hood Cassie, now you have to be very careful about having sex, you are now capable of bringing a child in the world," Miss Beverley said
"I'm never having any kids Bev," Cassie said with a hint of reassurance, it was more of her trying to convince herself that children were not on the menu for her, at least not yet anyways..
Cassie's first stop would be Eastridge Mall, before Cassie had gotten incarcerated, Eastridge was where you would find Cassie and her clique from Seven Trees, who by the way were crips, Cassie was a Blood but since this wasn't L.A. she decided to roll with the girls because they appeared to be just as crazy as she was..her type of crowd.
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