Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Family Tree "The Roots That Are Buried Deep"

Three day's after that phone call, Cassie found herself on her way back to California, the same way she had arrived, by train, it would be a three day ride, which was fine by her, she needed time to think, she had to come up with a plan and fast. She had purchased a one way ticket to Los Angeles "Boss Angeles" is what Cassie called the city of Angels, she loved it there, everything was so glamorous, so rich, but what Cassie really loved about the City, was all of the beaches, and there were many beaches to choose from. If you were the type who wanted to sun bathe in the nude, they had a beach for it, if you wanted to have a spin on the board walk all while enjoying the pleasures of the water and waves..well.. there was a beach for that too. Cassie placed her ear phones on her ears as she turned up her new Whitney Houston tape... "You give good love" was loudly blaring in her ears, she turned from the picture size window she had been glazing out of, and leaned back to allow Whitney to sing her to sleep. Cassie could feel her self falling in deeper into a unconscious sleep state, she allowed her mind to rewind back the hands on the clock to
The very first time she had ever gotten locked up, she thought at that moment that she would give anything to be walking on the hot sand instead of being handcuffed and thrown in a shoe box jail cell..
"What you in for?"  the big ugly bitch said as the consuler locked the door and turned out of ear shot.."VOP" Cassie said, which was short for violation of probation. " How many times you been in?" the bitch said, Cassie took no time to asking the big bitch what her name was, because she looked and talked like a man, Cassie already knew what time it was..and in her mind it was time to go! as soon as she seen the manly bitch lying on the bottom bunk. Cassie never did answer her question, she jumped onto the top bunk and thought, all she wanted was to close her eyes and go to sleep, she felt a real bad migraine coming on.
Shift change was over and it was quiet in the Hall, Cassie could feel the bed beneath her shaking uncontrollably. Nine times out of ten if you had made it to the Hall then you fucked up some where along the way and it was now time to pay the piper, so in essence kids from all types of walks would walk the Halls of juvy, there were murderer's, thief's, robbers, runaways and just the plain ole misfits of society. Cassie felt that was the class she fell under..a misfit..not wanted by her family and being a loner made for a horrible time at the Hall. She would get made fun of because she was overweight, or she wasn't pretty enough, her family never came to see her and the list went on, she was even made fun of for receiving a welfare check while can only get that when they have no family to claim them.
Later on that night as she lay on her top bunk, feeling the bed move vigorously, once the bunk bed had stopped moving Cassie knew that the big manly bitch had completed her mission, she had been masturbating and Cassie was glad the bitch was done. She kept wishing that she could be in a cell by herself so she didn't have to deal with all the sickos that past through the Halls.
Cassie found herself drifting off, when the manly bitch jumped off her bottom bunk and snatched the blankets off of Cassie, she began to try and pry her legs apart with one hand all while trying to force the fingers from her right hand inside Cassie's vagina.
This night would turn Cassie into the beast she was known on the streets for.. Cassie maneuvered her way out of the big bitch grasp by head butting her, something she learned while running with a Blood gang out of L.A. the bitch fell to the ground and Cassie began pounding on the door to gather the Consuler's attention who was on night duty.
Cassie was removed that night and placed in a cell alone until the following day, Cassie would find herself with one more roommate that she would beat the shit out of by ramming her head repeatedly into a metal locker, She caught more time..but hey, she never had to share space with another bitch again, after the last incident the consulers had written in a log that every time Cassie stepped foot in the Halls, she was to be placed in a cell by herself, which turned out to be room one on the odd side of the Hall, every time.

The trip from Ohio to Cali was a long one, but worth the ride, it gave her enough time to gather her thoughts, and to come up with a plan. Cassie found herself staying with a good friend she had met the first time she went to the Hall..Coffee and Cassie had grown to be real close. Coffee was who jumped her in, well Coffee and three other girls, Cassie thought back on that day, they all had thought she was going to just lay there and accept a beat down by four chics..yea ok..Cassie thought,imma give these chics a run for their money, and got dammit, that's just what she the time those three minutes were over two of them bitches was dazed and on the ground and Coffee was giving her props!!
Coffee and Cassie had grown to be close, they hit licks together, they shot at mufukas together..two boss hogs makin' bitches bow down to them, at one point in time, they had two chics on the track, they thought they were on top of the have a bitch sellin ass fa another what part of the game was that!
Yea, Coffee put Cassie on, I mean she taught Cassie the blood game, the dope Game, and how to be a Pimpstress all the chics from the hood either they wanted to be like the close friends or they wanted to fight them. Cassie and Coffee found themselves fighting and shooting at niggas and bitches. Cassie was having fun.
Coffee was the one to go to when you had money issues, because Coffee was known throughout the hood for constructing bank robberies everyone went to her for all the low, low..for instance she knew when it would be the perfect time to  hit a bank up, on down to the officer that was working what beat on what night.
Coffee was really funny on who she gave her information out to as well as who she would bring in her circle.
One night Coffee got a phone call from one of the homies about anotha nigga that was lookin' for some work. Coffee not knowin who the nigga was told the big homie, we can do the lick together and all he gotta do is break me and my crew off, but Coffee wasn't going to give this nigga all her work to be left out in the cold and hungry.
Later that night, the crew slid on to 80th and Dinker at the light a baby blue box Chev began to let off rounds in the car, noone knew at the time, but the nigga that Coffee and her crew went to hit the lick with had just rapped Crazy's sister and killed Crazy, both were the big homies from the hood. One bullet struck the nigga in the head and he slumped over to his left side as blood and brain matter gushed out everywhere. Cassie was scared as hell, yea, sure her and Coffee had been involved in some crazy shit but nothing like this. Coffee and the crew dumped the car and hit the lick.
The next day word was out that the police was lookin for Coffee regarding a murder and a bank robbery.
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