Monday, October 22, 2012

Should Evander Hollyfield Be Stepping Back Into The Ring, Or Hospice!!

It now appears that Evander Hollyfield was just playin' when he told TMZ last week that he absolutely would not be stepping back into the ring.. Well , you know, he is 50 maybe Demetia has begun to seep in.
Personally I feel that he dosen't stand a chance, if faced with the New Generation of boxers hoping in the ring, sure there may not be any hard hitta's in the Heavy Weight Division, ( none that I'm aware of anyways) however, these men are still young bucks that are training their ass off! Evander? are you sure you want to put them gloves back on and enter into that ring?
Okay, Okay..if you must re-join the brutal world of boxing, can you please do us all a favor? Stick to fighting the George Foreman's of your time, surely, your fans don't want to see you hurt, nor laid out for the final count..

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