Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Now That's Real!!

 Your as real as the hair I have weaved in my head, don't come round me wit that tongue wresrlin shit, my mouth will tear you to shred's, have ya leavin the building witcha feelin's all hurt, have ya stuck on stupid like that nigga "Joe Dirt" Imma bish dish'n out lyrical assassin shit!I'm the one who put out that hit! Claimin your the realest on each side of town, but the first cat runnin' when the shit go down.
Lyin about all the shit you claimed to have done way back in the day, you even lied about selling yay!!
You ain't Neva owned no house up in Oakland Hills, runnin round town  yellin, you pushin bitches,stackin money, nigga,you sit in the back of the club every weekend tootin' blow, and poppin pills!
Don't make ah bish like me, go way bad on you, exposin' all the dirty shit that you do! I said it ta ya face, now ima say on screen, I'm not wet behind my ear's nor am I green! I do what I say, and I say what I mean, don't make me putcha on blast fa that shit that you did that you thought you left behind scenes..
Salty? Mad? because you don't want to phuck with me??
Aww, naw you got the game phucked up! I turned you down repeatedly, Mad, I could Neva be, you ain't even my cup of tea, let's be honest, are you really mad because I wouldn't let you taste me,after flashin' all that money, didn't get no honey, got played by a real life Playboi Bunny, turned you out, turned you down! Played yaself all away around, now look who's mad..ain't that you? Stuck 0n stupid.. Now look at chew!!

Lol..I got issues..

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