Friday, October 26, 2012

Lil Wayne Rushed To Hospital Due To A Medical Emergency!!

Apparently Lil Wayne has seized out twice and has since been admitted and released from Ochsner Medical Center in Jefferson, Louisiana. Allegedly after suffering yet another seizure on a airplane ... this was his second  seizure in 24 hours ... TMZ has learned. 

Now,what will be curious to learn, is was Wayne smokin alot mo den grass when his ass started to seize. Ijs, I have never even heard of Wayne having this debilitating disease until now, you would think that he would have had a seizure way before now as long as he has been in the spotlight.. but nope we are just now hearing that he even has a Medical condition.

I don't know everything that goes on behind close doors in the Hip-Hop Industry, everything is all so fake and rehearsed, it makes it difficult to decipher what's real from fake, not to mention who's on drug's who isn't. I just hope he gets better and takes care of himself no matter what the cause of his seizure was.

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