Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kim and Kanye, Ready To Exchange Vows?

Rumors are flying high with talk about  marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, as a gift for Kim's 32nd birthday. It's been rumored, that Kayne has indeed been spotted out and about looking at ring's, now don't get me to gossipin' this information is not a fact for now, it's merely hear say. However, sources close to the Kardsashian camp has told TMZ that there just may be some truth in the rumors that are floating around.
As Wellsink reported earlier this month the duo has known one another for quite sometime but it never seemed to be the right time for the pair to commit to one another. We have all watched Kim and her plentiful relationship's start off with a bloom and die just as fast as they begin to grow.
With the Ray J sex tape, the Reggie Bush and the list goes on and on, It's finally good to see Kim in a good place with someone.
But wait, does the public think that Kim is ready to take that plunge again being that her marriage to Chris lasted all of seventy something day's? Could her marriage to Chris been a publicity stunt as everyone assumed, or does Kim continue to look for love in all the wrong places?
Only Kim knows the real answer to that question, however, when it comes to her and Kayne, I really do believe that they are both gaga for one another, only because these two did not just meet, this relationship has been in the making since they both were in high school.
I say if the Rumor is true, congratulations Kayne and Kim, may you find all the happiness you both are in search of in each other.

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