Sunday, October 21, 2012

Katt Williams, Released On Gun Charges, After Being Detained By Authorities

Looks as if Fazion snitchin' way's, made no impact on Katt's life, he has been released and all charges have been dropped from allegations of pulling a gun out on Fazion Love over a 50,000 debt that Fazion has accused Katt of owing him.
Katt had this to say upon his release " People are only gang affiliated when the gang is present, and when the gang isn't around, people rush in club's and call the police on 5'3, little me."
Katt is hella crazy, all while TMZ is interviewing him after his release from jail, he goes on to state that the police treated him fair, and the facility was clean.. it was nice...
Now I'm not sure if TMZ reps realized that Katt was being sarcastic in saying that, the Facility was clean and his stay was nice, but I sure caught on to it. As for you Fazion, Stop Snitchin!!

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