Friday, October 19, 2012

Katt Williams Pulled Gun Out On Fazion Love Over $50,000 Debit

Allegedly, Katt Williams pulled his gun out on Fazion Love outside a Hollywood Night club Tuesday night.
Fazion states that he was parking his car near Supperclub, when he saw Katt Williams and that's when the heated argument began over a $50,000  debt allegedly, Katt owes Fazion.
Love, states that's when Katt went to his car to retrieve his pistol. I guess Katt feels he dosen't Owe anyone shit! Katt spoke volumes to Fazion when he allegedly pulled his gun out on Love.
Here is my take on that whole argument, whatever monies that is or is not owed to Love should be handled in the most appropriate manner, meaning if you feel that you are owed money Fazion then take the appropriatete measeures and take Katt to court. You both are making great substantial amounts of money, don't let these people see you guys sweat, stop giving them what they on black crime!!
As for you Fazion, you are entirely way too big to be runnin' round Youtube, talking about Chris Stokes raped you outside of McDonalds!? First and far most, I would have never aired that out loud..It just don't sound or look right, you tellin' the world that you were rapped by any man..How yo big, bearly ass let any man rape you?For me to understand that in my mind, you would have already had to have had some suga in ya tank to allow little ass Chris Stokes wrestle you to the ground in a parking lot of McDonalds at that.
This issue with money and the black community in the Hip Hop Industry as well as the Entertainment world p has gotten way out of control..What will we hear next? Tyler perry is gay?
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