Sunday, October 28, 2012

Have We Lost A Generation Of Children To The Illuminati, Drugs and Violence?

I have always heard from people that even if a person has money, if they were unhappy prior to coming into that money, then most likely they will be unhappy once gaining a substantial amount. As years has gone by I myself am finding that statement to be so true. Here I am 40 years young with so much talent and promise, I have made it to my final destination in life and everything is great, however, there is a thorn that grows on my perfect rose bush that for some reason gets sharper and sharper with each passing year
I have worked hard and non stop to finally be in a place in my life where things are just now beginning to appear normal and right on track, but yet there is something that weighs heavy on my heart. I am the mother of a 16-year-old and a 21-year-old, now here is where my problem begins.
I have been the best parent that I know how to be. Never ran the streets, never in and out the clubs every weekend, I'm not a drinker nor am I a drug abuser, never have been the type to have random men in and out of my bed, that's just never been my get down, so I find it hard to swallow a pill that I have no symptoms for.
As a single parent, I will not accept any responsibility for the wrong actions of any of my children, They do not have the right to say that I am the reason why..... i just wont accept it! especially when I, the single parent has been around your whole life. Now I do understand that a child may be angry at a parent that is not in a child's life, that's completely understandable, however I must draw the line when a child's anger becomes displaced and directed at the parent who has been there to weather the storms, but when a child raises a hand to a parent then that's when the game stops, and it gets real fukin serious!
People the children of today are being preyed upon, they are now thinking that if they do everything that the Most High is against, then that automatically means that you sold your soul to the devil for financial gain, so now its okay to call your mother a bitch, kill innocent individuals, break  into someones house and lay them all down at gun point,little children too.

Society has taught our children that money is what makes the world go round and without it your nothing.. I guess For me, I can say that the Lil Waynes and Wiz Kalifa's and the Illuminati has these children thinking that they have to go out there and get it by any means possible and got dammit that's just what the hell they are doing! Kid's killing Kid's and adults, Stealing Cars, Beating and preying on the elderly, no respect for their parent's, no longer educated, on crack and heroin and I'm talking about teenagers you guy's from 10 years of age on up.
Where did we go wrong? what happened to all of the Big Mama's of the world? when did we as a people decide to take The Most High out of the home, why have we not instilled the Fear of the lord in these children? For some, we have, and at the end of the day, you can lead a horse to still waters but you can not make that horse drink!
So for those single mother's and father's out there wondering where you went wrong with your child..just know that it was not you that went has been our Government as well as the mass media and the Entertainment Industry who has lead this generation of children down hells path!
To all my single parents out there that may be dealing with a unruly child, know that the Most High is watching that child and will deal with him/her accordingly, because after all, wasn't it written that a disobedient child, day's will be long and hard here on earth. Amen
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