Saturday, October 13, 2012

Did Lil Wayne and Stevie J Share a intimate kiss?

Have we now embarked upon a day and age, when yes, some women still feel jealous when it comes to their mates? You know that awful, ugly,"green eyed monster" Jealousy.. we have all been guilty of that crazy emotion. Being jealous of a Co-Worker or anyone else one may be spending ample enough time with. As a Girlfriend/Boyfriend or Husband and wife, those emotions can emerge when some one of the opposite sex is spending way too much time, with the Co-worker i.e.. or whomever the individual may be, and less and less time with the spouse.
Through out time, there have been a numerous of women and men equal, that have received that ever so enlightening phone call from the mistress or lover that the spouse has been having a intimate affair with, clearly advising you, that the relationship you have with YOUR spouse is over and that he or she will now be moving in and to loose the number because, just like the address changed the number will too...
That phone call is bad enough isn't it? now how do you think a spouse feels that has been married for over 20 years, has his lover phone his home to tell her, that the man that she had shared so many year's with..her husband, was now his husband. That has to be a devastating blow when we have now entered into a world where a nigga can call your house and tell you how your man has been suckin and fukin on him all weekend and how good it was?! I'm lost. Has time's changed that much?
I have a theory for  all you women who may be wondering "Where did we go wrong as a generation of women?" First thing's first: Take absolutely no responsibility for the action's of anyone!
and secondly: It has always been my knowledge that same sex relationship's have been in existence forever, it was just never a up for debate type of discussion, it was hush,hush. I mean, people will get mad when I say this, however, being in a same sex relationship carried a lot of heat as well as hate behind it back in the day, so if one were to be in a relationship with one of the same sex, then that person was running the risk of being hurt really bad, and might I add " some of those hate crime beatings against the Gay Community has even resulted in death. Now a  day's you can catch the Lil Waynes and Stevie J's openly showing affection as these two did at the Miami concert a few days.

In the Early 80's if you can recall, they made a huge deal of all the "Bath Houses" that were located throughout the San Francisco, Ca region, we saw the gay community become the blame for AIDS existing, People thought that if you made contact with a HIV/AIDS victim then they thought they would ultimately contract the disease, therefore isolating the gay community, the people were outraged at the Community, and wanted, needed to blame the AIDS epidemic on someone, so the Gay Community was targeted. Many lost their lives to the deadly disease.And continue to do so.Statistics state that AIDS is seen more in the black community, due to same sex relationships.Can you see a little more clearly now? I will continue to turn the windshield wipers of truth on, until you can see through clear view vision.

Now here we are in 2012 and you have some boys/men that when makeup is applied they're actually prettier then a female ( not in all cases, only a couple of you guy's, don't get all flamboyant on me and shit)
So yes, the times are changing and people are too, we are forever evolving. So why is it so hard for our society to accept same sex relationships? I think that it's not the same sex thing that is killing it for the women, for us I think it's more that everyone is coming up and out of the closet, well..where does that leave the women? and for the men that are straight, they don't understand what can turn a real solid nigga into a soft little ass princess. We may never know the answer to that, but in the meantime of us knowing this information, what will we do with it? Will we teach our children to become advocates of hate crimes? in one breath we are teaching them to love everyone of all race, color's, creed, and religion.
Should we just let people be? because really at the end of the day.. Your entitled to love whomever makes you happy.

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