Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bow Wow, Caught In a Compromising Position?!

What's done in the dark Will come out in the light! Allegedly Bow Wow has been caught in a very compromising position. Report's are stating that,last night on Twitter, a picture was released of him and another unknown man in a very cute cuddly position.His reps are stating that he was hacked and,this photo is not Bow Wow, it's just someone who looks like him ,
..Yea right!! I would be a believer of that lie, had it not been for his famous tattoo on his arm..
Bow Wow, if your gay, who cares! come out of the closet already..
Who are we to judge who it is that you love? Bow Wow, has since deleted his Twitter Account, is that a sign of guilt Bow Wow?

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