Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Game Done Knocked The Livin Shid Up Outta 2Eleven At Lil Waynes Birthday Bash?!!!

The Game has knocked the dog shid out of rapper 2Eleven at Lil Waynes birthday bash last week. 2Eleven stated, he had no idea Game even wanted to fight him -- but last Thursday at Weezy's 30th birthday celebration at a Hollywood nightclub, 2Eleven says Game sucker punched him out of nowhere in the back of the head. TMZ posted video footage of the aftermath.2Eleven says it came as a total shock -- because he had been sitting at the same table with Game, Birdman, Chris Brown and others for a full hour with no problems  and not a mufukin word rolled off his tongue.
There has been no further reports as to why the duo were even involved in a physical altercation in the first place.
Listen we, your fans have no idea what's going on behind steel doors in the Rap industry, however I will say this, we have come a long way as African American people, there have been our four father's who has made it possible for us to even have alot of the freedoms and luxury's that we now have today.
Don't let money change you, don't be a slave to the industry, do you guy's really think at the end of the day they give two fucks about you, me, or anyone else for that matter?

All the industry wants is for you to be their puppet, for you to kill one another off so when the time come's for the real chaos, there will be too many dead and buried to fight the ultimate fight?
Love one another, respect one another..quit letting these people who could care less about us at the end of the day, determine who you are as a person, don't let the industry diminish the values your parents have instilled in you. Be your own man, use your own judgement and most of all.. Repent! I love all my brother's black or white that's in this game, because what people don't know.... is that there is so much more to this industry that beats the seeing eye.

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